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Friday March 13th, 2015
Happy Friday the 13th!

We at Camp Blood have a few things going on today. Our #1 thing is we want to wish everyone a fun filled Friday the 13th!

Our 2nd MOST important thing is that hosting fees are due April 1st, and due to many person reasons (outlined via the forum) I cannot foot the cost alone, in fact, I can't even pay a portion of it. One crazy evicted roommate who left me with his debt in joint bills and rent and out to cause my life havoc, one split from the ex-husband who left me with a ton of debt, etc and I just can't afford the $214 for two years of hosting when I need to pay for the roof over my head. ANY amount anyone can donate would be a huge help!

You can donate as little or as much via our donation form . I must stress...I DO NOT OWN CREDIT CARDS IN MY NAME. Therefore if I cant come up with the funds, the sites (Camp Blood and Shivers of Horror) will cease to exist. I need it before April 1st. Not on April 1st. So please donate HERE if you can. Even $5 helps!

Our 3rd most important piece of news is we ARE having our Friday the 13th Marathon in the chat room tonight, you can join us to watch the movies at 7PM EST in the Camp Blood chat room, details and facebook event listing HERE. (please remember you must be a member of the forum to take part) And remember these marathon events will no longer take place if the site no longer exists!

Thank you all for the 20 years of support for Camp Blood. I sure hope we can continue to keep it running! Happy Friday the 13th and hope to see you tonight!

Tuesday March 10th, 2015
Another Friday the 13th is upon us, so you know what that means! Join us on Camp Bloods Chat Room (via the forum) on Friday March 13th at 7PM EST to watch the Friday the 13th films back to back. For details please visit this forum link. We also have an event page set up to RSVP on Facebook here: Camp Blood Marathon on Facebook. Hope to see you there, and be sure to spread the word. Its always a blast!

Friday June 13th, 2014
Happy Friday the 13th! Don't forget to join us in the chat room tonight for our Friday the 13th Marathon! It kicks off at 8PM EST! Hope to see you there!

May 21st, 2014
Don't forget to join us on Friday June 13th for our Friday The 13th Marathon in the chat room! For details please visit this forum link. We also have an event page set up to RSVP on Facebook here: Camp Blood Marathon on Facebook

Sorry for the recent errors with the website. Since I started working full time (and late into the evening) I find I don't have much time to myself anymore. I hardly turn the computer on most days.

But have no fear, even though the SITE isn't updated much, the FORUM is still pretty active. Like any forum it goes through its ups and downs and counts on the members (not I) to keep it running smoothly.. So make sure you continue posting! Without the fans of F13th supporting this site by keeping it active it will not survive!

October 16th, 2013
Halloween is upon us again and so is AMC's FearFest. They've been showing the Friday the 13th movies the last few nights and days and will continue to do so. Feel free to check out the chat room while they are on and join us for them! We've been meeting up and watching horror flicks again in there lately.

Our Walmart has a pretty sweet set up for Horror movies. Check out the images below (and guess what? Its mine when they are done with it...supposedly)

October 6th, 2013
A winner has been chosen for the previous months donation giveaway. SIX new prizes have been announced on the Donation page. So help the pot get to the amount it needs to be at, and you'll have a chance at winning the prize.

September 10th, 2013
Holy smokes I've been busy busy busy, I haven't gotten to update this space!

Yes, we are having our regular Friday The 13th marathon in the Camp Blood chat room on Friday September 13th, 2013! Please be sure to join us! And remember, whenever the 13th falls on a Friday we have a movie marathon in the chat room. Its always
a huge turn out! If you are looking for more details on the process, please visit this thread on the forum. Feel free to join the Facebook event page, and reshare it on your wall!

There are a few Friday the 13th items being released around that date so below I'll post some links to where you can purchase them. And remember, if you buy them through these links (or other items via this links) Camp Blood gets a SMALL %.



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