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Camp Blood Monthly Giveaway!

The “RULES” are simple. Make a monetary gift to the site and get entered into our monthly prize drawing.

On the first of every month a prize will be announced. Anyone who makes a monetary gift to the site via our PayPal Donation page (or sends in money via our PO Box see FAQ's below for details) will be entered for a chance to win. The more money you gift to the site, the more entries you have into the monthly drawing.

On the last day of the month a winner will be randomly drawn by Random.Org from those that have entered.

My hope is that I will be able to replenish the site with new cool stuff via magazines, books, etc. Then turn around and give those items away in this drawing after I’m done with them.

$5 for 2 entries
$10 for 5 entries
$15 for 8 entries
$20 for 12 entries

I will keep track of how many entries each person has. Half payments do not pay for less entries. They MUST be $5, $10, $15, $20 to qualify for entry.

Current Prize: (October 1st-31st 2013)
Current Prize Value $50

Pt. 6 Production Book
Official Nightmare Pt. 5 Magazine
Fangoria Issue #88
Toxic Horror #1
Halloween One Good Scare Comic
Boogeymen DVD

Images are actual scans and photos of the prize you would receive. They are not stock photos.

How do you enter? Simply make a donation through our PayPal link below (and make sure you have read all the details on this page!):

PayPal Donate Button

Winners will be announced on this page at the end of the month, and on the forum. They will be emailed via the email address connected to your paypal account (make sure it is correct and current!) for address details. You have 48 hours to respond before the another winner is drawn.

Now for the nitty gritty details nobody wants to read, but is VERY IMPORTANT TO READ!

There are two VERY IMPORTANT pieces of information you must have before gifting money to CampBlood.Net.

#1 - Camp Blood is not registered as a non-profit organization or a charity, therefore these donations are not tax deductible. They are considered gifts, no different then putting money in a birthday card.

#2 - If not enough money is raised to cover the worth/cost of the item AND the cost of shipping the item. The giveaway, prize, and entrees will rollover to the next month and a new prize will be added to the pot. This will continue to happen until the prize(s) is won. This value will be shown on the donation meter page (click the Donate button above to be taken to that page) As long as the goal is met, a winner will be chosen.


Why is CampBlood.Net doing this?

Long story short, I do not have a job, I choose not to be on disability for specific things I could possibly be on disability for because of this I cannot afford to replenish the site with information with no income and a mound of medical debt. Quite frankly, its pretty personal, if you know me then you know more about what's going on. But I will not publicly go into it, because its really nobody’s business.

In the end, CampBlood.Net is a hobby that doesn't really pay much, if at all. Sometimes not even enough to pay for itself in hosting fees and domain name fees.

CampBlood.Net has not been updated with new information because there is no income to purchase items to add to the site and a very small amount is being sent in via Email. It is my hope that doing donation (aka gift) drawings will motivate people into donating. Which in the end will help the site grow.

What will the money collected be used for?

Mainly it will be put back into the site to buy items to scan in and use on the site. Those items will then be given away through the monthly giveaway. The money donated will also be used to pay for hosting and domain name fees if needed. It really all depends.

Can people from outside the USA take part?

YES! Often people outside the US are not allowed to take part. So CampBlood.Net wanted EVERYONE to have an opportunity to win.

However, by donating to the site, and taking part in the giveaway you are acknowledging that you MAY have to pay for shipping the item if you win the prize. It all comes down to what the item is (size and weight) and what country you live in.

In the beginning of the month, when the item is announced, you may PM the admin (KAT) with your address details to ask what the cost of shipping would be. Please only inquire if you are serious, as the admin has to go to the post office every time someone asks.

I don’t have PayPal but want to enter, how do I do this?

You MUST email me for my PO Box. I do not accept Money Orders or Checks because I am not willing to give out my real name and banks will not cash those without ID in the name they are made out to. I was once stalked (threatened to be raped and murdered) via this website so I try to cover that information up, and I pay a lot of money yearly to do so.

Therefore, you must send me a Visa Gift Card (WITH the receipt). And you must mail it to my PO Box. The PO Box address is NOT posted on the site. You must send an email in asking for it.

Can I donate an item to be given away?

Of course! In fact, it is encouraged, and others have already done so. If you donate an item for us to giveaway, depending on the value of the item, you will get X amount of future entries into whatever monthly drawing of ours you’d like. You could use all of them one month or spread them out. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for shipping costs to the site. That is part of your "donation" as well.

How do I donate without taking part in the giveaway?

After donating, contact me (email form link below) and I will remove your name from the drawing.

If you have any other questions please use the EMAIL form.


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