Friday The 13th Drinking Game(s)

This is one of those games that is more fun to play in a group, but feel free to play it alone - or in our chat room with others during our Friday The 13th Marathons (any time there is a Friday The 13th in the calendar year we have a marathon)

OBJECTIVE: Every time someone does something listed below you take a sip of your drink - usually a alcoholic beverage, but it is NOT recommended you take shots of hard liquor. As the movie goes on you get more tipsy/drunk.

NOTE: Please drink responsibly and remember, this site nor its moderators, webmasters or members can be held responsible for your drunkenness or stupidity by playing this game. Always be safe when drinking!

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General Rules (can be used for ANY Friday The 13th film)
Scroll down for movie specific "rules"

Drink every time:

  • someone dies
  • you hear the ki ki ki ma ma ma sound
  • the killer jumps out unexpectedly
  • someone gets naked
  • someone finds a body
  • someone says "Jason"
  • someone smokes (pot or cigarettes)
  • someone drinks booze
  • a curse is mentioned

Friday The 13th Part II

  • you see Muffin
  • someone says the name "Paul"

Friday The 13th Part III

  • Shelly plays a prank
  • there is a bad 3D shot
  • Andy and Debbie reference sex

Friday The 13th Part IV

  • "dead fuck" is said

Friday The 13th Part V

  • Tommy hallucinates

Friday The 13th Part VI

  • A joke is cracked

Friday The 13th Part VII

  • Tina has a vision/hallucination
  • Tina uses her powers
  • Melissa says something bitchy
  • Dr. Crews lies
  • Tina Cries
  • you see Jason's spine

Friday The 13th Part VIII

  • Julius lands a punch
  • the deckhand appears
  • Rennie has a vision/hallucination of Jason

Jason Goes to Hell

  • when Jason switches bodies
  • when the creature inside Jason makes an appearance

Freddy Vs. Jason

  • when Jason steals a kill from Freddy
  • when Freddy calls Jason a name

Friday The 13th (2009)

  • when Trent is a jerk


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