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There were a few different ways of making Rick's eye pop out. Their first idea was to have the eye pushed out with compressed air, but they couldn't control the direction of where the eye would pop out and go. The second idea was to shove the eye out of the foam head with a rod, but with the 3D camera the rod was visible. The idea that they did use for the film, consisted of a fake body (pictured), they used a monofilament wire attached to the head and a sheet of plastic with a hole in the center between the two lenses for the eye to go through. Inside of the head there was a line of wire that when pulled would make the mouth open into a scream like pose and it would allow for the head to be crushed. They eyeball was ripped out of the head at the same time the wire was pulled. Allowing for the head to crush and the eye to pop out as it did in the film.
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