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« Reply #60 on: April 12, 2015, 12:23:06 PM »

I believe in all kinds of supernatural stuff but I've never experienced any of it myself. Unless you count having sleep paralysis, which I actually think maybe has some supernatural to it considering that a lot of people has seen the same creature thing during it
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« Reply #61 on: July 10, 2016, 01:57:48 PM »

First I gotta say, great thread topic.

I grew up in a haunted house, so I have a few stories to tell. Some of them experienced by me. Others were told to me by my sisters.

1) When walking downstairs in my mother's house, I always had the feeling that someone was watching me. There's no way that anyone COULD be watching me, as there are no windows or anything like that by the stairs, and I always get that feeling whether I'm home alone or not. I'm not the only one who had noticed this. My parents, my sisters, and even my nephew have all said that they feel the same thing when going down those stairs.

2) This one is a little more substantial. I was a kid at the time, maybe 8 years old, playing downstairs in the rec room. I think I was playing with my Star Wars action figures or something. Anyway, I was sitting on the floor just under the basement window to the backyard when the shadows of three people walking by passed by the window. I was curious as to who was in my backyard, so I went out the basement door to take a look. I was only about 6 feet away from the basement door, which in turn was maybe 4 feet away from the backyard, so I only had to walk a total of maybe 10 feet in order to see who was in the yard. I ran to the door, went outside and looked, only to find that the backyard was empty. Now there is NO WAY that anyone, and I mean ANYONE, could have got to the opposite side of the house and around the corner or up the stairs and into the back door to the kitchen without me seeing them.

3) I was about 12 years old at this time. I was home alone doing my homework. The floors on the main floor of my mom's house creak terribly. each floorboard makes a very distinct sound, so that you know exactly where a person is in the house just by the sound of the floorboards. As I was doing my homework I heard the sounds of someone walking down the hall from my parents room towards the living room where I was doing my homework. But when I looked, there was no one there.

4) I was 20 years old and preparing to move out of my mother's house to go to college and study to become a chef. My mom, my best friend, and I were all standing around in the living room talking when the TV turned on and off all by itself. None of us were anywhere near the remote control, which was sitting on the coffee table far from reach.

5) This one was told to me by my eldest sister Valerie, and her husband Mike. Valerie is the sister who once told me that the movie Friday The 13th was based on a true story, and her husband is a politician, so you might want to take this story with enough salt to make a margarita. After my parents' divorce, Mike and Valerie moved into the basement prior to their wedding. During this time Mike (who is a skilled carpenter) was renovating the basement into a livable basement suite so that my mom (who got the house in the divorce) could rent it out. Valerie was pregnant with my eldest niece at the time, so Mike was converting my dad's old workshop into a nursery. As Mike was sanding the drywall, my sister brought him his lunch. The moment that Valerie entered the room, the A-frame stepladder (which was in the center of the room and at least 3 feet away from either of them) slid at least a foot across the floor all on its own. Mike turned to Valerie and said "Did you just see that?" to which Valerie replied "Oh yeah, that's just the ghost."

6) This is another story told to me by Mike and Valerie, so again, you might want to take it with a margarita. To understand the full context of this story I will need to give you a little background first.

When my sisters and I were little, both of our parents worked. Our maternal grandmother, who we called Nanny (I'm not exactly sure why, I think it might be a Scottish thing), lived with us to look after us kids while Mom & Dad were at work. Our house was fairly large, with three bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a bathroom on the main floor, then a rec room, a laundry room, a bathroom, my dad's workshop, my sister's ballet room, and a spare bedroom in the basement. Nanny slept in the spare  bedroom in the basement.

Fast forward to years later. Valerie and Mike are married with 2 kids, living in Mom's basement which has been renovated into a livable apartment. The rec room had been converted into a living room and kitchen. The ballet room had been converted into a master bedroom. The workshop had been converted into my niece's bedroom. And Nanny's room was now my eldest nephew's room (Niel was the first born, but Mike is not his biological father). By this time I have moved to Vancouver, and have just finished my studies in Culinary Arts. Valerie and Mike have just arrived home from somewhere and are taking off their shoes and jackets when Mike looks downstairs and sees a woman who looks an awful lot like my mother at the bottom of the stairs smiling up at them. She then turns and walks down the hall towards the bedrooms. Mike turns to Valerie and asks "What is Betty (my mom) doing downstairs?" They went downstairs to investigate and found NO ONE THERE. What's more, Niel's bedroom (which used to be Nanny's) was cleaned, his bed made, all of his toys were put away, and his stuffed animals were neatly organized. At that age, Niel was NOT one to clean his own bedroom.  When Mom got home, Valerie and Mike asked her if she had cleaned Niel's room while they were out and she said "No". The next morning, Mom got a phone call from her twin sister saying that Nanny had passed away the night before.

Incidentally, if you were to compare photos of Nanny from when she was younger with photos of Mom when she was younger, they looked almost exactly alike. Come to think of it, Valerie looks just like the both of them. So it would make sense that Nanny's spirit would look just like Mom.
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« Reply #62 on: June 29, 2017, 02:44:45 AM »


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« Reply #63 on: July 08, 2017, 04:20:28 AM »

The bitch of this is... I don't believe in it.  I think it has to happen to you before you can seriously believe in it.  I know family and friends who believe in this stuff, but I think they're full of shit.  If it did happen to me, I'd be preaching to a bunch of people who did not believe because they did not have their first paranormal experience. 
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