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« on: March 10, 2015, 05:49:47 PM »

I know I said we'd split future marathons, but I don't have the time for it lol! So for this one we will start from 1 and go till we go.  

If youíve been to our marathons before, no need to read the rest of this post, but if you havenít please continue as its our usual speech!

Join us in the Camp Blood chat room on Friday, March 13th at 7PM EST to watch a marathon of the Friday The 13th movies.

This is something Camp Blood has done since 2008. It continues to be a tradition that every time the 13th falls on a Friday we have a kick ass marathon party in the chat room.

So, wanna join? Hereís how it works.

Register for the forum (its free). As you cannot enter the chat room unless you have a username and password. I recommend doing this a few days in advance, as you have to wait for an activation link in your email. If you donít get your activation link, check your spam/junk folder. If you still donít get it, email me using the form on the website.

Next everyone meets up at the selected time (which this time around is 7PM EST) in the chat room. We all queue up the movie to the same area (generally the first logo or first credit on screen). Once everyone is queued up and ready, we do a count down and all press play at the same time. Marathon after Marathon after Marathon we have people who do not listen to me on where to start the movie, or when to pause. Then they continue to talk about scenes nobody else is on, or complain that they aren't in the same spot as everyone else. Therefore, it is VERY important that you follow the rules, start at the right spot, and unpause after the countdown.

Now, before anyone writes - NO I will NOT stream the movies illegally on the site. I rent space from a server, and streaming copyrighted movies is illegal, viewing copyrighted movies without renting them legitimately is illegal. If I were to do that, Iíd be violating federal law, and the rules of my hosting service. If you wish to do that on your free time, so be it. But Camp Blood will have no part in that. I donít care how YOU are viewing the films for this event. But I will not stream it or advertise sites to watch them on. Figure it out yourself if you do not own them. Netflix often streams them, Amazon does and Youtube has had them for rent as well.

These are big events for the site, and other sites have tried to mimic our success and fail. We are the largest online F13th Marathon around. We tend to get 50-70 people in and out of the marathon over the course of the night. Thatís HUGE! Normally at one time there tend to be about 10-25 people. Some donít stay for the whole thing and pop in and out for their favorite in the series.

Another question we get frequently is, what versions of each film are you watching? When it comes to part 1, anyone can watch any version you want, it varies by only a few seconds here and there so people wonít be way off if some watch the uncut edition, or others watch the theatrical. I personally will be watching the uncut BluRay.

As for parts 2-8, we will watch the theatrical versions.

When it comes to Jason Goes to Hell and the Remake, not many people are left standing, and so I say whoever is left can talk among themselves and decide which  version they want to watch.

There WILL be 5-10 minute breaks in between the films.

Hope to see you there!

Facebook Event Listing:
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