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« Reply #60 on: October 27, 2014, 05:01:07 PM »

I'd also have to go with Crazy Ralph here. He had a lot of potential and could have been something to link them all together. I think they regret it as well since they've ripped off his character several times.

Except both times they've ripped off Ralph, they did un-Ralph-like things. Part 3 had the "eye have warned thee" guy. But would Ralph have stolen a body part and kept it? Then Part 8 had the deck hand. Why would Ralph be working on the cruise boat as a deck hand? So maybe it's good that Ralph got offed. Besides, I liked the way Part 2 offed the survivors of the original. Jason tied up the loose ends.
« Reply #61 on: October 27, 2014, 05:02:09 PM »

Except both times they've ripped off Ralph, they did un-Ralph-like things. Part 3 had the "eye have warned thee" guy. But would Ralph have stolen a body part and kept it? Then Part 8 had the deck hand. Why would Ralph be working on the cruise boat as a deck hand? So maybe it's good that Ralph got offed. Besides, I liked the way Part 2 offed the survivors of the original. Jason tied up the loose ends.

my thoughts exactly

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« Reply #62 on: October 27, 2014, 10:32:48 PM »

Yeah, that is true... but that was probably just to differentiate a little bit. I do like the idea of Jason tying up loose ends though.
BJ Betty

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You don't break up with BJ Betty....

« Reply #63 on: May 06, 2015, 11:14:29 AM »

Character Wayne look like Garth from Wayne's World  Grin
Omg I always thought he looked like Garth too! Lol
Duke Nukeum

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« Reply #64 on: September 06, 2015, 12:36:59 AM »

I myself would say.

Part 1 everybody since I thought everyone in it seemed nice overall.

Part 2 same again.

Part 3

Harold and Edna,

Shelly who I felt bad for since he seemed like an awkward guy which I can relate to myself. And even Vera who seemed like a nice girl overall. I would say her and Shelly would have eventually gotten somewhere with each other over time if they lived.

Rick who seemed like a nice guy and cared alot about Chris and was a hard worker. Fox I felt kind of bad for since she could have maybe been a good person underneath.

And Ali since he tried to save Chris and cared enough about Fox and Loco to try to avenge there deaths.

Part 4

Morgan who seemed like a nice girl who deserved better than a sicko like Axel.

Samantha another nice girl who could have had a boyfriend who cared about her more. Not to mention she was sexy and I always thought it was hot girls going skinny dipping so hated to see her die even for that.

Both Sara and Doug who seemed like real nice genuine people.

Jimbo who seemed like a nice guy.

Rob another nice guy who was cool and seemed like him and Trish could have had a future if Jason hadn't blew if for them.

And most of all hated seeing (figuratively that is) the mother get killed. She loved her kids and you could tell she had a good head on her shoulders.

Part 5

Tina seemed like a nice girl and damn was she a hot one. Shame she couldn't have managed to dodge those garden shears and ran away.

Jake I felt bad for. He seemed like another awkward character who didn't have much like with girls.

Violet seemed like a cool character so hated to see her die.

And I especially hated seeing George and Matt dying. They were both very charismatic people so that was a huge shame.  

Part 6

Alan Hawes who was just trying to be there for his friend Tommy and getting killed trying to save him.

Lizabeth and Darren who both seemed like real nice people. Shame they had to die.

All the paintballers (save for the spoiled sport Burt) seemed like nice people.

Paula seemed like such a sweet girl and would have made a great mother. Never could figure out why Jason was so hostile with her?

The two municipal police officers: Papas and Thornton who both seemed like nice men and good cops being killed in the line of duty.

And hell even Sheriff Garris who sacrificed himself to save his daughter. He was a bit of a hothead but who knows maybe he was a nice guy most of the time. Can't say I blame him for being pissed at Tommy grabbing his shotgun in the beginning. Almost being a cop myself I can understand where he was coming from.

Part 7

 Both Jane and Michael who both seemed like a real nice couple. And in Michael's case it being a shame he didn't get to celebrate his birthday with his cousin and friends.

Judy who seemed like a nice girl from what little we saw of her. Especially if you go by the cut scene when she thought that it was mean of Dan not to stop for Jane and Michael when they were broke down.

Amanda who really loved her daughter and wanted to see her helped. Shame she couldn't have read between the lines and fired Crews and gotten a better doctor.

Ben and Kate seemed like a nice couple. Shame they died.

Eddie who was another awkward guy in there series like Shelly who didn't have much luck with girls and got used by the Bitch Queen Melissa.

Maddie who seemed like a super nice girl who actually went out of her way to be nice to Tina.

Russell I kind of hated seeing get killed since he seemed like a nice guy who was just uptight because his friends were wrecking his uncles house which I can understand.

And then finally my favorite girl in all Friday films Sandra who also like Maddy seemed like a real super sweet girl. She also went out of her way to be nice to Tina. Her smiling and yelling "Hi" to her in the beginning when Tina goes to open the trunk. And smiling and saying "hi" again warmly when Nick brought Tina into the kitchen that evening. Not to mention when Melissa makes fun of Tina the next morning if you have the deluxe edition or Blu-Ray if you have a wide screen TV or on a computer monitor you can see Sandra gawk at Melissa like she thought it was the meanest thing in the world when she was making fun of her like she was with Eddie's help. Hell I even have it in a fan story I have on Deviant Art that centers around Sandra where she goes outside after Tina after she runs out the door again and she apologizes to Tina for Melissa's behavior and says she doesn't know her anymore since she wasn't like that when they were little girls in Elementary school hanging out with each other. And telling her she wouldn't mind being friends with her. At that whole deal about the comment about the size of Russell's wallet I always figured since I saw the movie when I was seven that she was just trying to be cute and wasn't dating Russell for his money. Maybe she was but I can never buy into that since she seemed to nice to me anyway to be that type. Maybe I am wrong but that is what I think. And not to mention she seemed like she loved Russell and was upset about his death because she loved him and was probably about to cry had Jason not popped up next to her in the lake like he had a few seconds later. Not to mention I will always consider her the sexiest character in the Friday The 13th films. I would kill to go skinny dipping with Sandra. Even had a dream a few years ago where I was Jason and I pulled her underwater and had my way with her. Grin Jason Pt. 7 Unmasked Heidi Kozak will always be my biggest heart throb of my life so I loved her character. She like she has said in interviews Sandra couldn't have been a more 3D character like she said was in the original screenplay. That is why I made that fan story on Deviant and had it where she lives through the drowning and wakes up after Tina bumps into her in the woods and runs off. Anybody wants to read that fan story let me know and I will PM the link to you.

Part 8

Suzy seem like a real nice girl. So it was a shame seeing her get killed.

JJ seemed like a cool girl. Shame that she couldn't have lived. She tried to be a good friend and try to talk some since to Wayne about Tamara.

Admiral Robertson who seemed like a nice guy. He was a little hard on his son in the beginning but I would say he meant well. Especially since he gave Jim Carlson advice about not making the same mistake about being too hard on his son when he raises him.

Jim Carlson seemed like a nice guy as well and was a shame that he died with him having a young son jut a little over 1 years old.  

Eva seemed like a real sweet girl who was too nice to have a friend as nasty as Tamara. She seemed to be a really caring person. In the script her of course being scared that something happened to Tamara after Sean called everyone to the bridge and her telling Wayne that she wanted to make sure she was ok.

Wayne seemed like another nice dude who had bad luck with girls. And yeah like people on here have said. He does look like Garth. Lol. I think everyone says that. My friend from the security company I work for watched it with me and said that as well out of the blue.

Miles seemed like a nice guy as well. Shame he died.

Hated seeing Miss Van Deusen get killed. She was a hell of a nice lady and was like a mother to Rennie.

The Cop seemed ok also. Shame he died.

And finally the sanitation engineer. Him going out of his way to help Rennie and Sean and getting killed in the process.


Diana getting killed was a shame since she seemed like a very nice lady and a good mother.

Deputy Ryan seemed like a nice lady. Shame she got killed.

Ward seemed pretty cool. Too bad he got killed.

Joey B. and Shelby were a funny couple. Would have been nice if they lived.

Vikki was a really sweet girl. She never should have died like she did.

Randy was cool. Really hated seeing him die as well.

Sheriff Landis seemed like a nice guy when it boiled down with it and liked how he didn't take any bullshit.

And finally Creighton Duke who I hated seeing die more than anyone else in JGTH. He was too cool to die dammit!


Mark seemed to really have his wits about him and was a nice guy. Hated seeing him go.

Gibb seemed like a nice girl. She should have realized that she deserved a better man than someone like Trey.

Deputy Stubbs who was a real nice guy and a good cop overall.

Freeburg was funny so hated to seem him die.

And I thought Linderman and Kia were a cute couple so hated seeing those two go.

Jason X

Adrienne seemed like a nice girl and was really pretty. Shame she got iced. Lol.

Crutch was a funny character. So hated seeing him go.

Waylander was a pretty cool character so shame he died. Atleast he went out like a hero anyway.

Janessa I hated seeing get killed because she was really pretty and I thought she was funny. She might have been a bit of a skank but she had a coolness about her. I would say probably could be a nice girl when it boiled down to it.Maybe if she had lived she would have turned out to be real nice.

And finally Brodski. He was cool as hell. Alot like Creighton Duke. But who knows? Maybe spacesuits in the future can take the kind of heat from the atmosphere so he maybe lived.

The reboot I have only seen a could of times and don't really care for it much. Can't say there was anyone in it that I really hated to see go.

"Let's Rock!" Duke Nukeum Cool  
« Last Edit: September 06, 2015, 02:48:00 PM by Duke Nukeum » Logged

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« Reply #65 on: September 18, 2015, 05:44:43 PM »

Ralph!! He could've been a great character that had a backstroy. He could've known Pamela for a long time and was maybe cycling around the camp in 1958 the night the 2 counsellors were klled and saw Pamlea leave the barn with a bloody knife. That could've lead him to the drink and what he means when he says there's a death curse at the camp.

He could've lived and known more about the Voorhees family and died in the Final Chaper as a way to conclude the franchise.
« Reply #66 on: September 23, 2015, 10:41:09 AM »

Ned. He was kinda a weird guy and liked marcie but you don't get to him much. He kinda just disappears then dies in the cabin. I liked his character. 

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