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Random Quote: "Are you crazy?!?"
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 on: Today at 05:25:42 PM 
Started by hesvor - Last post by fogandmist
Sadly gonna pass.
Never seen any of the Saw movies so no on Jigsaw.

And the Snowman despite a amazing cast (including Fassbender my 2nd favorite actor), the director of Let the right one in & Tinker Tailor Solider Spy & a academy award winning Editor is getting apocalyptically bad reviews & the director has already come out & said that 15% minimum of the script did not get filmed as the Studio so rushed them.

 on: Today at 10:24:05 AM 
Started by hesvor - Last post by hesvor
Two new movies out this month, Jigsaw, and The Snowman.
Anyone planning on seeing either of these, or both, in the cinema?

I'd definitely like to see Jigsaw because I'm a fan of the SAW series.
Trailer for The Snowman looked okay. Might try to catch that one as well.

 on: Today at 05:02:31 AM 
Started by Shivers dude - Last post by fogandmist
A fresh review.
Gonna say this up front, 4 I think was one of the last films in the series that I ever saw and previously it kinda fell flat to me, not bad but simply more of the same while most people claim it is a top 3 contender for best film of the series.
This viewing (3rd or 4th viewing ever I think, first in at least 3 years)... I enjoyed it a lot more.

- This film makes alot better use of Shadow & lighting then 3 did.
- Trish (kimberly beck) is a great final girl, effectively surpassing Chris from 3 in my book this viewing. Her charging back into the basement with Machete in hand to desperately try & save Rob at the last minute was awesome. Love her blue outfit.
- General cast isn't quite as likable as 2 or 3 but still friendly enough, at first they seem extremely interchangeable & generic but slowly several of them solidify their identifies.

- Score is fine, but not nearly as good as 3's was.
- Jason despite being hidden in shadow for alot more of this film doesn't look quite as menacing as he did in 3. The mask & how it fits on his face doesn't look as good IMO.
- Tommy attempt to distract Jason is... bizarre & nonsensical, he is basically trying to do what Ginny did at the end of 2, except Ginny was imitating Jason's mother who he clearly worshiped what with her severed head at a alter. But Tommy is trying to imitate Jason himself as a child??? Saying "remember me?" that would certainly confuse Jason with him always having been mentally handicapped but still. I think the scene would have made more sense if Tommy had instead tried to pretend being a child "like" Jason and attempt to convince him that they were born the same or something.

 on: Today at 02:07:23 AM 
Started by jasn88cubs - Last post by Fragminion
I am planning a big Halloween Movie Marathon that whole week and was kind of stuck if I wanted to cram as many Halloween Movies as I could on to Actual Halloween or just do some specials.

 on: Today at 02:05:54 AM 
Started by dorfthecop - Last post by Fragminion
I just read the novelization of this (well one of them anyway) and the movie does a better job of this then it did.  But yes. Love the creepy tone this sets for the rest of the movie.

 on: Today at 01:16:08 AM 
Started by dorfthecop - Last post by fogandmist
Agreed fantastic epilogue to 3.
Godzilla vs Biollante (1989) has a opening very similar to this in that it picks up mere hours after then events of G 1985 with Toyko in ruins, showing clean up crews trying to gather up Godzilla's radioactive flesh & such.

I always like when they show a good amount of the cop perspective in slasher films.
One of my main hopes for a sequel to the 2009 film was that it would focus on the clean up from 09 & show swat teams & bounty hunters combing the woods searching for Jason.

"'s ok we'll just leave all these bodies here, especially the hockey masked guy with an axe in his head, and take the crazy girl away" LOL
Ive always thought that was whacky too
They left other cops at the crime scene when they took Chris away, there was 4 cops seen & only 2 in the car with Chris. Most likely it took a good portion of the day for the large investigative unit we see at the start of 4 to get packed up (from presumably the main crime scene from 2) and move over to Higgins.
The wide birth of where the bodies were left in 2 means it probably took a good deal longer for them to clean up compared to 3's massacre which was on a much smaller property.

 on: Today at 12:23:36 AM 
Started by jasn88cubs - Last post by SexMurderArt
I won't be able to watch Halloween on Halloween . Would anyone be interested in watching the Halloween series on Sunday Oct 29? I figure we could start maybe afternish but it depends on what movies everyone has I have the first 5

works for me!

 on: Yesterday at 06:42:06 PM 
Started by fogandmist - Last post by fogandmist
New Punisher trailer -

 on: Yesterday at 05:13:48 PM 
Started by filmjätten - Last post by filmjätten
Hi there! My friends and I have made two friday the 13th films that we would like more people to see. Smiley

 Check them out on my youtube page:

Friday the 13th - Swedish Jason | Fan film from 1987 |      

Friday the 13th | Swedish Jason Part 1 | Fan film ( The surströmming awakening)

Hope you'll enjoy them! I would be glad if you can subscribe to my channel as well. I'm planning on doing more friday the 13th films in the coming future!     Smiley

Best Regards Filmjätten Media

 on: Yesterday at 05:26:53 AM 
Started by Stebob1984 - Last post by Jasonlives52
Where can you watch this

Youtube. Here's the link.

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