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Forum RulesForum Agreement
While I'd love to keep these rules short, sweet, and to the point, someone always comes along that you have to write a new rule for. . . Please make sure you read through these rules, understand them, and follow them.

General Rules
Non-Activated Accounts: They will be deleted at the start of the next month. For example, to make this a little clearer. All members who joined the forum in Oct. but never activated their account will be deleted from the forum as of Dec. 1st.

All members who registered in Nov. and did not activate their account will be deleted from the forum on Jan 1st, and so on.

Accounts with Zero Posts: MAY be deleted on a yearly basis. For example. Since we will be moving into 2010, all members who registered but did not post in 2008 will be deleted.

Inactive Accounts: ANY account that hasn't been logged into, or posted from may be deleted after two years of inactivity.

Banning System: Its pretty simple. Three strikes your out. You will get a warning every time you break one of these rules. Depending on how severe the case, you may get more then one warning at a time. If you really become a major problem for this board your Internet Service Provider may be contacted and you run the risk of losing your internet account.

Harassment, Spamming, Namecalling: This will never be tolerated on this board. Heated debates are welcome as long as they are kept clean. Argue with the post not the user.

Derogatory remarks of any kind are forbidden on this forum and will be removed. This is not limited to text. This includes avatars and signatures as well. This includes but is not limited to racial/religious slurs & propaganda

Harassment through PM: If you are harassed through a private message, keep all incoming and outgoing messages. Then report them to a moderator (there is a link on the PM to do this). If you don't keep the proof there is nothing we can do about it.

Multiple Accounts: Multiple accounts will not be tolerated. There is no reason for a user to have more than one account. All multiple accounts will be closed. If for some reason another member of your household would like to create an account please contact a Moderator about it and we will make note of it. If you don't contact a moderator you run the risk of having your accounts banned.

Moderators: DO NOT ask to become a moderator. Usually this warning doesn't effect anyone and they still ask. If you REALLY REALLY want to become a moderator, and you have been a highly active poster for a long period of time, please contact the Admin through PM to let her know you are interested. Keep in mind, spots are not always open!

Reporting Abusive Posts: Every board gets them. The best way to react? No, it isn't responding to the post. Its Pming the moderator of that specific forum with a link to the post and telling them about it. Even easier is hitting the "Report to Moderator" Link on each topic/post. If the post is deemed inappropriate then it will be edited, moved, or deleted.

Nudity, swearing and other adult material: No nudity of any form will be tolerated. This means none ANYWHERE! Swearing is fine as long as it isn't directed towards another member in a hurtful way. I've been told I have a truckers mouth! lol

Freedom of Speech: You have the freedom of speech....but within the rules of this forum.

Posting Messages

Search Search Search: Make sure you used the search function of the board. It helps you know if there is already a topic out there for one you are thinking of creating.

Correct Forums: Be sure to check and make sure you are posting a topic in the correct forum. If you are looking to sell some horror merchandise don't post it in the games forum. Most of the time this is common sense, but hey, even we moderators get it wrong from time to time. Just make sure you don't make a habit out of it.

Subject Names: Please make sure you clearly describe your subject title. “Question" isn't a good title for any forum. Give it details. “Question: TCM Pt. 2" is a better description, and if you want to add more, even better!

Spelling, Punctuation, and The Edit Button: Please try to post as clearly as possible. While you won't get banned for spelling mistakes (shit, I'm a bad speller myself) try to write as clearly as possible. It is easier for other members to read and understand what you are saying if the post is not messy. If you notice you've made a mistake in your post, don't repost it, instead make use of the edit button on your already existing post.

Short Answers: Sometimes you want to answer a post with one word. While it might seem okay a lot of the time it isn't necessary. Ask yourself if you are adding anything new to the post by answering with a one word reply. In other words, don't reply to something stating “cool" make your response original and add more to it. Some topics, like the games forum, requires you to post one word or very few words. In this case that is perfectly fine.

Deleted Topics/Posts: If your topic or post was deleted. Locked or edited, there was probably something wrong with it. Don't post another topic asking why it was locked or deleted, instead send a private message to the moderator of the forum asking why. If a topic is locked/edited a moderator should have put a note (with their name) stating why it was locked/edited.

Font Colors: We encourage everyone to be themselves and be creative. We encourage everyone to use different font colors. Just make sure the font is visible and not blinding or almost unreadable.

Spoilers: Since this is a movie forum, most people want to talk about shocking parts to a film. Keep in mind not everyone has seen the film and if it is something you wouldn't have wanted ruined for you, chances are someone else doesn't want it ruined for them. Use the spoiler tag when posting spoilers.

File Sharing: There should be no talk of ILLEGAL file sharing anywhere on this board. Your message will be closed and edited, and probably deleted.

Advertising: The ONLY place you may advertise your website is in your signature, profile, and the “Advertise a Website" Forum. To add images or links to your signature you MUST have 20 posts.

Signatures and Avatars

What is allowed in Signatures? Photos no larger then 600 pixels wide x 200 pixels high. 1 photo ONLY. Max of 6 smilies total. You cannot have images or links in your signature till you have 20 posts.

What about Avatars? Avatars are not allowed to be larger then 110(w)x150(h)


Arcade: The arcade is ONLY for members who post on the forum. You must have 20 posts to access the arcade. Why? Because we don't want lurkers using a bunch of bandwidth and never giving back to the site.

Posting one word posts is considered SPAM - especially for new members. This will result in the posts being deleted, your post count being docked, warnings, and perhaps even a ban. You must legitimately take part in some discussion on the forum. 20 posts is NOT asking too much. Its fairly easy.

If spamming happens a lot, the post count to access the arcade will be upped to 50 or a daily post count will be put in to effect where a user must have X amount of posts daily to access the arcade.

Overall: Have fun, don't break the rules and respect others opinions. If you follow all of these rules you won't be banned!
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