Camp Blood: The Home Of Jason Voorhees

Friday The 13th Part 8

Friday The 13th Part 8

Friday The 13th Part 8

Jason Takes ManhattanFriday The 13th Cover

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Two teenagers are out on a boat on the eve of their high school senior trip, having fun, and making love. Little do they know they are about to awaken one of natures most evil forces. Jason Voorhees. Its a shame they put down the anchor otherwise they'd still be alive...

The next day Jason boards the Lazarus, the ship that is carrying the senior class of Lakeside High, Crystal Lakes last surviving teens, to New York City.

Nobody knows that Jason is alive, nor do they know that he's climbed aboard the ship, he'll wipe most of them out, and the survivors of the wreck will continue on to New York City where Jason will follow in hot pursuit. Now New York's got a new problem...

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