Camp Blood: The Home Of Jason Voorhees


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A day after the events in Friday The 13th Part 2, Chris and her good friends go on vacation to her family's little hideaway, Higgins Haven. Chris hasn't returned there since she was attacked a few years back, by a disfigured man in the woods.

Upon arriving at Higgins Haven, Chris senses something isn't right, especially after driving past a local shop where the owners are carried out in body bags. But it isn't until later that night that she discovers just how bad things really are.

Her friends seem to have gotten into a little trouble when they went to town. Unbeknownst to them, not only do they have a killer after them, but three unruly bikers have followed them to Higgins Haven where they decide to reek havoc on the teens.

One by one Chris's friends end up dead, until only one is left standing to fend for themselves.


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