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If you wish to use any of my content on your own website, please contact me first. A lot of the stuff I have on here is exclusive to this site only and should not be used on other websites. Why? Because I've spent a lot of money on magazines, books, videos, equipment, etc, to obtain these items to this site. It really stinks when someone comes along and just steals everything and claims it as their own. Some of the photos on the site were given to me only for use on this site, and some are photos of my own personal things. So, contact me before using anything.

Because this site has exclusive items, if someone comes along and places those items on another site this site will lose visitors. Losing visitors loses money, and losing money loses hosting which means no more website. So please, think before you steal content!

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Website Credits

This website could not have been made without there being tons of information out there. Most of this information is from articles in magazines such as Fangoria, novels, and a lot of times through people who actually worked on the films. Last but not least the fans of the series. I'll try to list where I got most of my information, but hey, its been about 13 years since I started this place, so I probably don't have all the information saved anymore. 

Videos - The old commercials, uncut videos, "other" videos are from an old VHS which was given to me years ago by a fan of the series. I have no idea who the person is. Please DO NOT ask me to make copies, I will not. There is too much involved with it, and the quality is pretty bad.

Some more recent video clips dealing with Jason X and Freddy Vs. Jason were taken by me from various sources - usually listed with the videos. Such as Ebert & Rooper and E! News Live. They were recorded on VHS, and then recorded to the computer and edited for your viewing pleasure, all by me, using equipment I bought years ago specifically for this reason.

MP3s - Various sources, all from different fans. If you wish to be credited here by name, please email and I'll post your info. 

Audio Clips - All taken from the films by yours truly. 

DVD Stills - All captured & edited by me, unless stated otherwise. I've tried to make good keywords for each photo, also by adding the actors names. However, when it comes to who played Jason in what shot, its not always easy, we all know Jason was played by different people at different times.

Script Vault - Honestly I have no clue as to where most of those came from. Various online sources, possibly some from fans. If you have any idea where these originally came from, please send me an email, and I will update this. The "final draft" of Freddy Vs. Jason was given to me by an anonymous source. This was the only site to have the script during production!

Downloads - I used to play The Sims a lot, so I had a Jason Skin I had downloaded. No idea where I got that from. Alice Cooper video/songs sent in by fan. AIM buddy icons created by me unless noted otherwise on their pages. Wallpapers were created by me as well.

Novels - I own three out of the four novelizations to the movies, and was able to transcribe them. All their copyright information is on their individual pages. They cost a lot of money to obtain for this website. Roughly $40 a book. One might have even been $60! So, if you want these on your site, please LINK to the page instead of copying the information to your site.

Originally I was contacted through email by David Grove (writer of Making Friday The 13th) for information on the On Location photos I had on Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, as well as putting him in touch with a few of the stars. I was told I would recieve credit in the book, and never did. The same goes for Peter Bracke and his book Crystal Lake Memories. I was interviewed on the phone (with a loss for words - I was nervous & sick) but there again I was not credited in any way shape or form.

Behind The Scenes - This is going to be a hard one. Most images were taken from magazines, some sent in by fans, some sent in by actors/actresses, and some from books. When possible I've noted on their individual pages where they've come from. Mainly from DVD's, Fangoria, and a few images here and there from Crystal Lake Memories (those state it on their individual pages).

Behind The Mask (currently down) - All of this information was originally from old Fangoria issues. However, it was brought to my attention through Dick Warlock (yes, the man who played Michael Myers in Halloween 2) that Tom Morga was not on my Behind the Mask area. I was then put in touch with Tom and Tom gave me a interview as well as writing up his own mini bio for the website. I later became in touch with Ari Lehman (Jason Voorhees Pt. 1) and he informed me that most of my information I had on him (from Fangoria Magazine) was incorrect. So Ari wrote his own mini bio and gave the site his interview. If I remember correctly Ari contacted me first. And Dick Warlock put me in touch with Tom. So there is the credit for that.

On Location - Part 1 Images from Tim Gosnell,  Marc Anthony, Mark Lenker, and Blondie. All Friday The 13th fans. One of them even sent me copies of the originals in the mail. I'd have to go into my box of Friday The 13th items and look for them, as they are put away in a safe place at the moment, so I'm not 100% sure which one it is who sent me the photos at the moment. Part 2 Images are from an ebay auction for the sale of part of the house/cabins. I have no idea who took the actual photos.

Interviews - I put myself in touch with Dominick Brascia and Robert Englund. Ari Lehman and Larry Zerner both contacted me. Tom Morga through Dick Warlock who contact me. Tracie Savage...I was put into contact with her through a director she was working with, his name is escaping me at the moment. I really wish I could remember because he was an awesome guy.

Articles - All articles state where they are from on their individual pages, and include issue numbers. Mainly Fangoria issues.

Bloopers - Mainly sent in by fans. Some of them are my own. All bloopers are currently verified before being posted and verification will take a longer process due to the fact that I have to sit and watch the films to verify them.

Body Counts - All photos and write ups were done by yours truly.

Timelines - Timelines were written by me as well.

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