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Chat Room

To enter the chat room you MUST be a member of the forum. This is not optional. You cannot go into the chat room without login information!


Please REGISTER or LOGIN to enter

KNOWN CHAT ROOM ISSUE: You enter and its just a blank page
SOLUTION: Refresh 2-5 times. If that does not work try a different browser, if it still does not work you should restart your computer. This usually happens when you've used a lot of memory on your computer or flash memory. Usually a refresh or two will help, but not always. If you can view FLASH webpages, you can view the chat room! If all of the above doesn't work try deleting your Flash Cache by visiting the following website and clearing it out: Adobe Flash Player (choose delete all websites)

Chat Rules:

  • If you are a NEW member of the chat room, and you continuously enter the room and not take part in ANY discussion you run the risk of being booted from the chat room. If you wish to be part of the community and take part in discussions please do! We know its hard to jump right in, but we find it very creepy when newbies come along and sit for HOURS and sometimes DAYS in the chat room without trying to take part.
  • The rules for the forum are the same rules for the chat room (such as no harassment, no name calling, etc etc) except you can be banned from the chat room or kicked from the chat room with no previous warnings.

When you are booted from the chat room you are "banned" for 8-9 hours.

If you are banned from the forum you are banned from the chat room.

If you are banned from the chat room it doesn't necessarily mean you are banned from the forum. It depends on the situation.

If you are officially banned from the chat room you will never be able to enter it.

We are a very friendly bunch and we always welcome newcomers with open arms. So come on in and have some fun!



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