Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees

Jason X - Audio Clips

Guard: "Why don't you stare at this for a. . ."

Dr. Wimmer: "His unique ability to regenerate. . ."

Guard: "What the hell. . ."

Janessa: "What the hell is that? . ."

Janessa: "What's a hockey mask? . ."

Adrienne: "That's it come to momma. . ."

Deter: "The other viable is marked Voorhees. . ."

Deter: "He killed nearly 200 people. . ."

Rowan: "Notorious Murderer. . .we executed him. . ."

Rowan: "But unfortunately some people who were. . ."

Rowan: "In the end, it always comes down to. . ."

Tsunaron: "I could never be with a girl who's balls. . ."

Rowan: "He is an unstoppable killing machine. . ."

Rowan: "I don't think he's out there. . ."

Janessa: "Why don't you just stick your head out. . ."

Prof. Lowe: "Guys, its okay, he just wanted his. . ."

Rowan: "One more sound, and I'll snap your. . ."

Janessa: "Okay, new plan, you hold him, and I'll. . ."

Tsunaron: "Hey Slappy! Got a little something. . ."

Janessa: "What, are you high? . ."

Rowan: "What do you mean whoops? . ."

Rowan: "Not nothing. You don't just say. . ."

Campers: "Hey wanna beer? Or you wanna smoke. . ."


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