Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees

Friday The 13th Part 8 - Audio Clips

Jim: "There was this boy, named Jason Voorhees. . ."

Deck Hand: "You're all gonna die. . .your the last. . ."

Deck Hand: "This voyage is doomed. . ."

J.J.: "Don't be a dweeb Wayne. . ."

Deck Hand: "He's come back, and you're all gonna. . ."

Rennie: "Everybody I care about, I lose. . ."

Charles: "There a big storm predicted for tonight. . ."

Deck Hand: "He came down the river and he's. . ."

Charles: "Walking corpses are not real. . ."

Tamara: "Rumor has it that she's a. . ."

Charles: "Jason Voorhees has been dead for. . ."

Julius: "Check it out, damn, we're in New York. . ."

Sean: "Jason is here in New York. . ."

Rennie: "You didn't get me in the lake, and you're. . ."

Street Guy: "You are dead meat slime-bag. . ."

Julius: "Take your best shot, you. . ."

Charles: "I think the time has come now for. . ."

Charles: "And he's ready to pull down anybody. . ."

Rennie: "Look, you don't understand, there is a. . ."



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