Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees

Friday The 13th Part 7 - Audio Clips

Melissa: "All is fair in love and war. . ."

VO: "There's a legend round here, a killer. . ."

Tina: "Bad news Crews. . ."

Melissa: "I'm going back to bed, wanna come. . ."

Jane: "Its gonna be a great birthday. . ."

Tina: "I wish I could bring you back. . ."

Tina: "Well he left a large delusion stuck. . ."

Nick: "Don't go out there. . ."

Tina: "Where is she, where's my mother. . ."

Mrs. Shepard: "You never intended to help. . ."

Judy: "Okay you big hunk of a man, come and. . ."

Tina: "Jason Voorhees, it was him in the lake. . ."

Melissa: "Is this the way they wear their jackets. . ."

Tina: "I saw my father get killed when I was. . ."

Melissa: "There goes the neighborhood. . ."

Nick & Tina: "Jason...where's Jason. . ."

Maddy: "Need a little touch-up work my ass. . ."

Sandra: "The first time I saw the enormous size. . ."

Young Tina: "I hate you, I wish you were. . ."

Judy: "Dan, we need wood! . ."

Tina: "There's something really wrong here. . ."


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