Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees

Friday The 13th Part 6 - Audio Clips

Tommy: "Jason's Alive. He killed my friend. . ."

Martin: "Does he think I'm a farthead?"

Young boy: "I think we're dead meat"

Sheriff: "You are now leaving Forest Green. . ."

Rick: "Happy Friday The 13th"

Lizbeth: "Darren, we better turn around. . ."

Tommy: "Its over, its finally over. Jason's home."

Megan: "Just because our parents keep. . ."

Megan: "Sheriff's office....I'm sorry, he's. . ."

Martin: "Some folks have a strange . . ."

Tommy: "Jason belongs in hell. . ."

Haws: "He must have really messed you. . ."

Tommy: "Fuck you Jason. . ."

Martin: "Darlin', you're gonna be the death. . ."

Camper: "If this is how exciting it gets. . ."

Tommy: "Jason will return to the area. . ."

Cop: "Wherever the read dot goes...ya bang. . ."

Tommy: "They have to be warned. . ."

Sheriff: "People want to forget this was Crystal. . ."



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