Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees


Friday The 13th Part 4 - Audio Clips

Ted: "It says your a dead. . ."

Tommy: "Die! Die! Die!"

Jimbo: "Was I a dead. . ."

Rob: "Run! Run! He's killing me..."

Rob: "Jason's body disappeared from the morgue."

Doug: "Woops, dropped my bar of soap. . ."

Trish: "I'm gonna give you something. . ."

Ted: "Wanna give teddy bear a kiss?"

Paramedic: "Is this the guy that's been. . ."

Cop/Paramedic: "This time they got him. . ."

Mrs. Jarvis: "What happens if a psycho. . ."

Ted: "Don't be such a dead. . ."

Trish: "What are you trying to do. . ."

Trish: "But the man that killed your. . ."

Trish: "Tommy, get the hell outta. . ."




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