Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees


Friday The 13th Part 2 - Audio Clips

Crazy Ralph: "I told the others, they didn't . . ." 

Jeff: "What is it?. . ."

Ginny: "But what if there is a Jason? . . ."

Ginny: "Jason! It's all done Jason. . ."

Paul: "What is this, a joke?"

Paul: "I don't want to scare anyone. . ."

Sandra: "This place is spooky"

Terry: "I aughtta let you hang. . ."

Ginny: "I mean, I doubt Jason would have even. . ."

Sandra: "If we survive? . ."

Paul: "Anybody wants a last night on the town. . ."

Paul: "Jason's a legend. . ."

Paul: "That girl who survived that night. . ."

Paul: "Jason drowned, Mrs. Voorhees was killed. . ."

Cop: "Things have been quiet for five years. . ."

Ginny: "He must be out there right now. . ."

Ted: "This whole thing is ridiculous really. . ."


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