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This timeline is of my own work, its hard to determine when or how many of the actual events took place. In many area's they are just assumptions. This timeline is based on real time, not release dates. It also includes evidence from the original novels to fill time gaps. The evidence of each event is noted in gray, I've also included my thoughts for certain occurances.

Pamela Sue (last name unknown) is born. She will soon marry Elias Voorhees and give birth to one child.
Pamela’s headstone is shown in Friday The 13th Part 4 with her date of birth and death on it.

Camp Crystal Lake is established
Camp Crystal Lake sign in Friday The 13th Part 1

September 1945 – June 13th 1946
Pamela Sue Voorhees gets pregnant with Jason, and gives birth on June 13th.
We learn of Jason’s birthday by Pamela at the end of Friday The 13th Part 1, and learn of the year of his birth in Friday The 13th Part 9: Jason Goes To Hell. September is assumed, considering pregnancy usually lasts 9 months.

Diana Voorhees is born to Elias Voorhees & his mistress.
The date is assumed to be somewhere between those years as Diana looks old enough to have been born during these years. It is also VERY likely that Diana is not Pamela’s daughter, because in Friday The 13th Part 1 Pamela states that Jason is her “only child” and then she is killed.

Summer 1957
Jason drowns while swimming in Crystal Lake, the counselors weren’t paying any attention and did not save him. His body was never found.
The year is mentioned in Friday The 13th Part 1, as well as a series of flashbacks to when he drowned.

Friday June 13th, 1958
Two counselors are murdered while attempting to have sex. The killer is never caught.
We are shown this in the beginning of Friday The 13th Part 1.

Many attempts to reopen Camp Crystal Lake are met with fires. The person is never caught. (In the novel Jason is the one responsible for the fires. In the movie it is assumed that it is Pamela)
The truck driver, Enos, tells Annie in Friday The 13th Part 1 about the fires.

Another effort to reopen the camp is set aside after its found that the lake is filled with “bad” water.
Enos also tells Annie about the bad water in Friday The 13th Part 1.

Diana Kimble (Elias Voorhees’ daughter) gets pregnant and gives birth to Jessica Kimble.
Years are completely assumed based on when Friday The 13th Part 9 took place and how old Jessica looked, as well as being based on when Diana was born.

Friday June 13th, 1979
Steve Christy spends lots of money to reopen the camp. He as well as six of his counselors are murdered by Pamela Voorhees. Alice, the only counselor left alive kills Pamela.
The date is given in the beginning of the film. It says “present year” which is assumed 1979 considering the release date/filming date of the film. Also, in Friday The 13th Part 4 Pamela's gravestone reads 1979.

August 1979
Two months after her fellow counselors are murdered, Alice’s apartment is found covered in blood, and its assumed by everyone that she is missing. While we are actually shown that she is dead.
In Friday The 13th Part 2, Paul Holt tells his counselors in training that two months after her friends were killed she went missing.

Summer 1982
Chris is attacked in the woods by “a disfigured man” (Jason) while at her family’s summer home, Higgin’s Haven.
In Friday The 13th Part 3 Chris tells Rick about being attacked in the woods, and the attacker was never found. In the beginning of Part 3 she tells Rick its been 2 years since she was last there.

Summer 1984
Five years after Pamela went on a killing spree, Paul Holt opens a counselor training center next door to Camp Blood. Many of the counselors go to a bar, and are unharmed but those who stayed behind are killed. Only Ginny survives.
In Friday The 13th Part 2 Paul tells the counselors that they are the first to return there in the last five years. He also tells them that Jason’s body was never found, and the towns legend is that Jason is still alive living in the woods.

My Thoughts: Paul tells the counselors that they are the first to return there in five years. First of all they aren’t actually at Camp Crystal Lake, they are supposed to be the next door to the old campgrounds, so they aren’t the “first” to return, no one has “returned” to Camp Blood yet. Second of all there are many people who live around the lake, such as the Jarvis family, and Chris, who wasn’t actually at her cabin when this happened, but arrives a day or two later. So there are other people around.

Summer of 1984 – 1 and 2 Days later
Jason has gone around the lake a little ways, and met up with Chris, her friends and some bikers. Jason kills everyone but Chris, who manages to get him. Jason’s body is taken to the morgue, where it disappears that night.
In the beginning of Friday The 13th Part 3 the news report says its the day that Ginny was found. Therefore, Harold and Edna get killed the day after everyone in Part 2 is killed. Then the next day Chris and her friends arrive at the lake.

Summer of 1984 – That same night & 1 day later
Jason’s finds his way to the Jarvis’ home, where next door a bunch of horny teens have moved in for vacation. Only Trish and her 12yr-old brother survive.
We find out Tommy was 12 when this happened in Friday The 13th Part 5.

My Thoughts: Here is where this timeline gets a little tricky again. If you’ve read the Friday The 13th Part 6 Novel, it says that Tommy spends the next 10 years of his life in and out of mental hospitals. I’m assuming that within those 10 years Friday The 13th Part 5 takes place, because it too is considered a metal hospital/half way house, and because in the beginning of part 6 Tommy has just been released from yet another hospital. From this point on the timeline is pretty much based on the fact that there is 10 years between Friday The 13th Part 4 & 6. This works because the actors look the correct ages in the sequels. But then again, you have to take into consideration that Paramount wanted Corey Feldman to come back and play Tommy Jarvis for Part 5, so if he had come back, he wouldn’t have looked much older, in fact he’d only be a year older.

October 13th, 1984
Young Tina kills her father with her telekinetic powers.
We are shown Tina’s flashback in the beginning of the movie but we can only guess the year that it happened in. It appears as though she’s aged about 10 years after her flashback, but they ever state her age. The director has stated, that Part 7 takes place 10 years after Part 6. I don't believe this is possible. Read My Thoughts for an explanation of this.

My Thoughts: There is a huge problem with the flashback scene which at one time caused large debates on our message board. Right in the beginning of Tina’s flashback we are shown her house, and then the camera pans down underwater where a fresh Jason is tied to the rock, just as Tommy & Megan left him in Friday The 13th part 6. Then we see her father killed. 10 to 15 minutes later we watch Tina try to bring her father back, but instead she brings Jason back. During this scene Jason is all of the sudden rotten and basically falling apart. Some people agree that Part 6 took place 10 years before Part 7, giving Jason the chance to be underwater during John Shepard’s death. I don’t believe that’s possible only because Jason’s body with all the water, fish, etc would be gone, or at least much worse then he appears when he comes out of the water. The only solution I can think of is that Part 6 & 7 happened during the same summer. Of course the flashback takes place 10 years before part 7 is supposed to have happened. If older Tina arrives at the lake a month or so after Tommy & Megan put Jason under the water, that would give Jason’s body enough time to deteriorate with all the fish eating him, and whatever other damage the water caused, and it would give enough time for his body and the rock he’s attached to, to drift along the lake and move from Camp Forest Green to in front of Tina’s house. The evidence which supports this theory: When Jason is at the bottom of the Lake in Part 6 there is the Camp Crystal Lake sign under him, but when we see him in Part 7 there is no sign under him. If they looked for her father's dead body, they would have found Jason. Tina seems to think her father is still in the lake, so we can assume his body was never found. But if Jason was down there then, they would have HAD to have found his body. Also Jason would have had to drift along as Tina’s family home has been there for at least 10 years, and we know Camp Crystal Lake has been there since 1935. It wouldn’t make sense for in Part 1 there is a camp, in part 2 there is a camp with run down cabins next to Paul Holts training center. Part 3 across the lake, or at least a little ways down the lake. Part 4 around the lake, Part 5 not even close to the lake. Part 6 is at Camp Crystal Lake again, which has been renamed, and fixed up. Tina has to live somewhere else on the lake, and his body just drifted.

Summer 1989
Tommy (17yrs old) has spent the last 5 years in and out of mental hospitals, and is transferred to a half-way house for mental patients. One of the other patients gets ticked off and kills Joey, another patient. Joey’s father, Roy Burns takes on the part of Jason and goes on a killing spree. Tommy kills Roy and discovers that it really isn’t Jason at all. Tommy is sent back to a mental institution.
The year is assumed, due to the fact that the Novel states how many years Tommy is in mental hospitals before Friday The 13th Part 6 happens, and since there is a new actor playing Tommy it appears that Tommy could have aged by at least 5 years.

Early Summer 1994
22yr old Tommy has been released from the mental hospital, and digs up Jason to cremate him. Jason is brought back by a bolt of lightening. He makes his way back to Camp Forest Green (Crystal Lake) which is once again attempting to open. Jason kills everyone in his path, only Megan, the sheriff's daughter, and Tommy survive. Tommy drowns Jason in the lake with the help of Megan.
Tommy’s age is based on not only how the actor looks, but what was said in the Friday The 13th Part 6 Novel, that he has just spent 10 years in a mental hospital, and I don’t believe that it has been 10 years between Part 5 & 6. I place this as early summer only because the kids just arrive, and camp has just opened.

Summer 1994 – Right after Tommy kills Jason
Forest Green renamed back to Crystal Lake. Assuming that the name change didn’t take away the Jason problem they just decided there was no point to keep it Forest Green.
In Friday The 13th Part 6 its called Forest Green, but then its Crystal Lake again not long after.

Mid Summer 1994
Tina (obviously anywhere from 17-19 years of age) has been released from the hospital to visit the family's Crystal Lake house, where her father was killed. Her mother and her psychiatrist, Dr. Crews accompany her. Tina accidentally raises Jason with her powers, and he goes on another killing spree till she manages to get him back to the bottom of the lake.
Friday The 13th Part 7 shows us all of this. Its possible this takes place in late August or maybe even September. The trees do not appear to be summer trees.

Stephanie Kimble is born to Jessica Kimble & Steven Freeman
Date assumed due to the look of the child in Friday The 13th Part 9

May or June 1995
Two kids celebrating high school graduation on a boat pulls electrical cables under the water, which awakens Jason. He kills the two. The boat floats down the river, where Jason boards the S.S Lazarus which is filled with all the graduating teens from Crystal Lake, and heading for New York City. Two survivors are found within the city.
Friday The 13th Part 8 - Graduation is usually in May or June

The FBI sets up an operation in Crystal Lake woods, and Jason is blown up. During the autopsy the coroner eats Jason’s heart, and he is possessed. He returns to Crystal Lake.
Beginning of Friday The 13th Part 9, I’m assuming its been at least a year since Part 8, only because the in Part 8 it looks like Suzi & Jim are on a boat in front of Camp Crystal Lake, and in Friday The 13th Part 9 they say the cabins have been torn down, that would give them enough time to get rid of the cabins.

1996 – Next Day
Bounty Hunter, Creighton Duke, makes an offer to the TV show “American Casefile” That Jason isn’t dead, but he knows how to kill him, and he will for a price. Meanwhile Jason hops from body to body, killing everyone in his path. He is then reborn through his sister and killed by his niece.
Friday The 13th Part 9

Jason is resurrected from Hell with the help of Freddy Krueger who makes Jason go on a killing spree so Freddy can be free of his own Hell where nobody fears him anymore. While Lori and her friends are having a little party at her house, Blake, is brutally murdered. Soon more teenagers are murdered and Freddy gets angry when he realizes he cannot control Jason and people are not fearing him enough. Eventually a battle between Freddy and Jason takes place and their bodies rest at the bottom of Crystal Lake.
Freddy Vs. Jason

My Thoughts: The ending of Freddy Vs. Jason is actually a dream. Not the entire ending, but the ending where Jason is walking out of the water. If you pay attention to the entire series for both films you'll notice that Freddy doesn't have any power in the real world. When he's brought out into the real world he can be killed. Jason killed Freddy and was wounded enough to fall into the lake and "die". It has happened in previous Friday The 13th films where Jason is held underwater for long periods of time but comes back. Once Jason falls into the water the film cuts to what appears to be the next foggy morning. However, I believe Jason is back in his dream world. Take into account that when Jason was dreaming earlier in the film there was a foggy presence, and he walked to his closet of bodies dragging a body with him. Since Freddy winks, and we all know he's dead because he isn't immortal in the real world, I'd say that is proof enough that this is a dream, and in Jason's dream he was bringing Freddy's head to his closet of bodies.

Rowan and the rest of her team are working in the Crystal Lake Research Facility after catching Jason Voorhees. They try almost everything to destroy him, including: Electrocution, gas, firing squad, hanging him. But he just won't die. It is decided shortly thereafter that since they can't kill him they can at least contain him by freezing him, but Dr. Wimmer decides he's better off alive.
Jason X. Rowan tells the professor that they tried just about everything to kill Jason.

It’s been many years since the last murder spree. Jason has been caught and is stored at the Crystal Lake Research Facility. He gets loose and kills everyone in the facility. Only Rowan is left. She manages to cryogenically freeze him, but freezes herself in the process as well.
The beginning of Jason X

The technology to unfreeze a body and live has been possible for years. Earth is now dead. Everyone now lives on Earth 2. A group of student explorers come to check out Earth, and stumble upon two cryogenically frozen people. Jason & Rowan. They bring both back to their ship, and unthaw Rowan. Jason thaws out as well, and kills just about everyone on the ship.
Jason X

My Thoughts: Here is another problem. Kay Em states that the unit Jason was frozen in was not built until 2010. Rowan has already told us they had Jason in at least 2008. Later Kay Em states that Rowan has been out for 4.55 centuries. 455 years. Which by calculations matches up to the year 2465 not 2455 which is the year they tell her it is. Its impossible that all of these people would get confused by what year it is so clearly Kay Em is wrong. But what is she wrong about? The year the unit was made? That still doesn't make sense, because to be in the year 2455 and have Rowan be frozen for 455 years that would bring the year to 2000, and we know Rowan was alive and well in 2008. Therefore Kay Em has to be wrong about the amount of time she says Rowan was out for. Rowan should only be out for 445 years.

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