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This timeline is of my own work, its hard to determine when or how many of the actual events took place. In many area's they are just assumptions. The evidence of each event is noted in gray. Timeline is mainly based on the release dates of each film.

Pamela Voorhees is born
Headstone in Friday The 13th Part 4

Crystal Lake is Established
Camp Crystal Lake Sign in Friday The 13th

At 15 years old, Pamela becomes pregnant with Elias Voorhees' son. 
Is assumed due to when Jason was born. The name, Elias, is from the original shooting script of Part 6.

June 13 1946
Jason Voorhees is born to Pamela & Elias
Birth date from Friday The 13th, Year from Jason Goes To Hell

Diana Voorhees is born to Elias Voorhees, and a woman other then Pamela.
Date assumed, Diana looks to be old enough to have been born during these years. Pamela stated in F13 that Jason was her only child, "My only child, Jason" its assumed the Elias fathered the child with someone else.

Summer 1957
Jason Voorhees "drowns" in Crystal Lake. His body is never recovered.
Year from Friday The 13th

Friday June 13th, 1958
Two Crystal Lake counselors are murdered at the camp. The murders go unsolved. The camp is nicknamed Camp Blood.
Friday The 13th shows us this date & Enos states the year.

Diana Kimble (Elias Voorhees' daughter) gives birth to Jessica
Years assumed, because no date is given.

Attempts to reopen Camp Crystal Lake are halted when a series of fires are set. Then when attempted to reopen a few years later, its discovered the water is bad.
End year is a guess, but Enos tells us of these "accidents" after 1959.

Friday October 13th, 1978
John Shepard is killed by accident when his daughter, Tina, 7yrs old, uses her telekinetic powers to collapse the dock he's on. Tina is sent to a mental hospital.
The Prologue of Friday The 13th Part VII gives us the date. The year is assumed based on other evidence later in timeline #2. (see other notes)

Friday June 13th, 1979
Steve Christy spends lots of money to reopen the camp.  He and eight counselors are killed by Pamela Voorhees. Only Alice survives.
Friday The 13th gives us the date, but in reality it wasn't a Friday (June of the following year was). The Year is from Pamela's headstone in Friday The 13th Part 4.

August 1979
Jason returns for revenge, and kills Alice. Her body never found.
In Friday The 13th Part 2, Paul tells of Alice's disappearance 2 months after the murders.

Summer 1983
Chris runs away from her family's Crystal Lake cabin after fighting with her parents. She is attacked by Jason, and passes out. She awakens in her own bed and her parents won't talk about the incident.

Summer 1984
Paul Holt opens a counselor training camp, which neighbors Camp Crystal Lake. All counselors are killed except those that stayed at the bar, and Ginny. Jason escapes.

2 Days Later - Summer 1984
Jason meets up with a married couple, kills them, takes clothes. Jason heads towards Higgins Haven, Chris' summer home, where he kills all her friends. Chris survives, and goes a little crazy.
In the beginning of Pt3 the newscaster gives us the assumption that its only a day or two since Ginny was attacked.

That night/one day later - Summer 1984
Jason's body is transported to the Wessex County Morgue. He escapes, killing two workers. He returns to Crystal Lake, where Tommy Jarvis and his family is staying in their summer home. Teenagers next door are murdered, as well as Tommy's mother. Tommy kills Jason. His body is buried at Eternal Peace Cemetery.
We learn all this in Friday The 13th Part 4, but learn of his resting place in Parts 5 and 6.

Summer 1985
Tommy has spent his time in Mental institutions since the murders. He's now placed in a halfway house for troubled teens. One of those teens gets annoyed, and kills another kid. The victim's father, Roy Burns takes on the part of Jason, and goes on a killing spree. The mayor knows it can't be Jason because he's dead and cremated. Tommy and Pam manage to kill Roy, but then Tommy attacks Pam. Tommy is sent back to a mental hospital.
One can assume that the Mayor was misinformed about Jason's cremation since Tommy digs up his body in Part 6.

Camp Crystal Lake is renamed to Camp Forest Green. Tommy has been released from the mental hospital, and digs up Jason to cremate him. Jason is brought back by a bolt of lightening. He makes his way back to Camp Forest Green (Crystal Lake) which is once again attempting to open. Jason kills everyone in his path, only Megan, the sheriff's daughter, and Tommy survive. Tommy drowns Jason in the lake with the help of Megan.

It is believed that after the events of 1986 the camp's name was changed back to Camp Crystal Lake, seeing as how the murders sprees kept coming.
There is no actual date for the name change, but in 1988 it was referred to as Crystal Lake again.

Tina, 17yrs old, has been released from the hospital to visit the family's Crystal Lake house, where her father was killed. Her mother and her psychiatrist, Dr. Crews accompany her. Tina accidentally raises Jason with her powers, and he goes on another killing spree till she manages to get him back to the bottom of the lake.

Two kids celebrating high school graduation on a boat pulls electrical cables under the water, which awakens Jason. He kills the two. The boat floats down the river, where Jason boards the S.S Lazarus which is filled with all the graduating teens from Crystal Lake, and heading for New York City. Two survivors are found within the city.

Stephanie Kimble is born to Jessica Kimble & Steven Freeman
Date is assumed due to the look of the child in Jason Goes To Hell

The FBI sets up an operation in Crystal Lake woods, and Jason is blown to pieces. During the autopsy the coroner eats Jason's hear, and he is possessed. He returns to Crystal Lake.

Next Day - 1993
Bounty Hunter, Creighton Duke, makes an offer to the TV show "American Casefile" That Jason isn't dead, but he knows how to kill him, and he will for a price. Meanwhile Jason hops from body to body, killing everyone in his path. He is then reborn though his sister and killed by his niece.

Its been many years since the last murder spree. Jason has been caught and is stored at the Crystal Lake Research Facility. He gets loose and only 1 woman, Rowan is left. She manages to cryogenically freeze him, but freezes herself accidentally.
This movie can't be based on the release date, since its based in the future and does give an actual date within the film.

The technology to unfreeze a body and live is now possible. Earth is now dead. Everyone now lives on Earth 2. Explorers come to check out Earth, and stumble upon two cryogenically frozen people. Jason & Rowen. They bring both back to their ship, and unthaw Rowen. Jason thaws out as well, and its up to the crew to kill him.

Please note: Freddy Vs. Jason is not included here yet due to the fact I need to rewatch all the films and figure out how I want to incorporate it into the timeline.

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