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Freddy Vs. Jason

Continuity Errors:
Freddy Vs. Jason is supposed to take place between Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X. In Jason Goes to Hell he looked completely different. In FvsJ he had use of both eyes, and had different clothing. His mask is different too.
Kat’s Explanation: Jason can supposedly regenerate skin tissue so as far as his looks are considered, that is taken care of. As for his clothes/mask? Just another blooper.

If Freddy has stabbed Jason in the eyes, how come about 5 minutes later, Jason looks up at Lori as she stands on the dock? You can clearly see one eyeball. There is no way Freddy missed.

General Errors: 
In the scene where Blake’s fathers head falls off, it pops of abnormally, where it probably should have “rolled” off, not sprung off.

In the scene where Shack and his buddy are drinking and smoking, you can clearly see they are only a few feet away from the actual rave (there are legs dancing in the background). Yet when they light Jason on fire, and we get an overhead shot, it looks like they are in the middle of the field.

When Mark is killed by Freddy, he is slashed across the face, then drops down. Lori and Will are looking at him, but in the next shot he's up against the wall so we can see "Freddy's Back"

At 1:12 young Jason is drowning, and you can see him take a large breath and plug his nose.
Kat's Explanation: Normal. Acting or really drowning, if you had the chance to block your nose, you would.

Jason stabs his machete right through that thick tree. Impossible.
Kat's Explanation: Possible. But only because Jason is dreaming!

When little Jason is drowning, Lori says, "Jason? Jason Voorhees?" but on the subtitles, Voorhees is misspelled as 'Vorhees"

When Freddy can’t get the cart to move, the cylinder actually hit’s the area he’s standing in, knocking him off. He gets caught by the wire, and for a split second you can see him hanging there without his hat. But two seconds later he has his hat on again and it falls off.

When Jason kills Blake and Blake uses his father's head as a shield, you can tell that the machete stops right before it hits the head.

Heather's shirt changes position after she flashes the camera and before she jumps into the lake. Right before she says "Fuck you"

When Kia is in the waiting room looking through the magazine she flips backwards through the magazine, but she was at the beginning of the article flipping through to the end. 

When Heather is running to jump into the lake, one of the lamps is swinging, but in the next shot its dead still.

When Jason gets stabbed with his machete there doesn't seem to be any wound in the real world. In all the previous Nightmare films, the motto was, "Wound/killed in a dream, happens in the real world"

Freddy can't teleport in the real world, so how did he get up on the top of the building so fast after hitting Jason with the tanks?

Lori's watch starts beeping with three seconds left to go, why did she set it to go off at that time?

How did they get to Crystal Lake so fast? Springwood is in Illinois, while its assumed due to good evidence that Crystal Lake is in New Jersey. 
Kat's Explanation: Dreams tend to seem like they last for hours, when really they only last 30 seconds or so. So based on that, we can't base their travel time on Jason's dream time.

How does Jason know what Elm Street to go to? Freddy never tells him where the town is.

When Jason first comes through the Cabin door he steps in a wooden box, but in the next shot the box isn't there.

Its obvious that Lori's hand that falls into the flames is entirely fake, or protected by some sort of latex.

When Freddy and Jason get hit by the cart, they both go flying, and appear to have landed next to each other. Yet in the next shot Jason gets up from farther away. 

When Kia and Lori run into Blake in the kitchen, Lori shouts and Kia has a delayed jump.

On the dock, Jason is walking towards Freddy while Freddy is crawling away, but in the next shot Freddy is standing up.

When Freddy is caught in the swinging "tank" he is hanging upside down, you can catch a quick glimpse of the actors unburnt skin on his ankle. And again when he is stabbing Jason in the eyes, you can see his unburnt back.

In the scene where Freddy is shoving all the spikes down into Jason, Jason looks up, and you can see the actors real skin around his eyes.

Jason pushes Freddy slightly forward with a shove/punch, but in the next shot Freddy appears to be flying through the air into the tanks. We know Jason is strong, but he should have only been able to achieve this result by picking Freddy up. 

If Freddy stabbed Jason in the eyes, why does Jason have normal looking eyes when he glances up at Lori on the dock? 

1428 Elm Street was not the house in which the "kid" was killed in bed. That was Johnny Depp from A Nightmare On Elm Street, and he lived across the street from 1428.

Freddy hits Jason with the machete, he goes to hit him in the chest but in the next shot Jason has his back to Freddy and Freddy hits him in the leg instead. 

I don't think its possible to slice open a keg with a machete. Maybe a chainsaw.

When Will is pulling Lori along the floor Will loses his grasp on her arm. She is supposed to be asleep, but she keeps her arm up in the air. If she was really asleep, she would have let it drop.

In the scene where Jason throws Freddy up on the roof Jason's hair appears to be longer then it has been throughout the movie.

Technical Errors: 
Linderman is thrown up against a wall. A blank wall. But in the next shot there is a bloody wall bracket there.
Kat's Explanation: Even using the zoom on the DVD player shows that there isn't any sort of bracket on the wall that he landed on.

You can see rain/water on the camera lens after Lori lights the docks on fire, but right before the explosion happens.

In the dream sequence where Jason cuts off Freddy's arm, you can see that the back of Freddy's shirt is very bulky, presumably hiding his real arm. 

In the scenes where Jason is pushing Freddy through the windows, you can see some of the wires holding the stuntman.

Right before the scene above, Jason throws Freddy against the other wall. There seems to be a lot of space in the corner of the walls. But in the next shot when he's pushing him through the windows there is a smaller amount of space.

Possible Errors:
*NEW* (sent in) One would think that the corn field would ignite a lot faster and spread out. But its only one row that keeps burning.

When Gibb is in the shower it doesn't seem to actually be the actress Katherine Isabell.

When Shack was killed by the flaming machete, it is assumed that since it went through his chest, the blood, and lack of oxygen it would have been put out before it came out the other side of him.

When they all go to Westin Hills and get into D-Wing Will says "This is where they keep the ones that couldn't stop dreaming" If he had no idea why he was locked in the hospital then how does he know why these people are in this particular room? 

How is Freddy still alive?
Kat's Explanation: My personal thinking on the matter is that Jason is dreaming again. Remember, Freddy doesn't have any power in the real world. When Jason was dreaming earlier we saw him dragging a body through the lake, and bringing it to the house to place it inside the closet cemetery. Perhaps that is what he was going to do with Freddy's head. If Jason was dreaming, this would explain the wink, and the fog along the water.

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