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Jason Goes To Hell

Continuity Errors:
Crystal Lake is NOT in Connecticut. The sign in the beginning of the film has Connecticut towns listed, and the cops license plate is from Connecticut. In all the other films it is assumed that Crystal Lake is in New Jersey because in parts 1-4 all the cars have New Jersey plates, and Enos' Truck says its located in NJ. In Part 3 the sign in the liquor store says "Green Valley, New Jersey".

In the first film Mrs. Voorhees says "Oh my sweet innocent Jason. My only child, Jason" So Diana can't be Mrs. Voorhees' daughter. 
Kat's Explanation: She could be Mr. Voorhees' daughter. 

The police station in part 6 was pretty small with only a few cops, so why is the police station huge with many cops?
Kat's Explanation: Perhaps they made a bigger one, with more police officers because of the high death rate, and they were hoping to catch Jason.

In part 7 Jason didn't really have ears, in Part 8 he did, and now he has ears again.

How did Jason come back to life after he was turned into a little kid at the end of Part 8?
Kat's Explanation: Rennie hallucinated that Jason turned back into a child.

General Errors: 
On the back of the box Voorhees is misspelled as Vorhees.
Kat's Explanation: I do not own the rated VHS version, so I'm not positive on this.

In the scene where the Coroner eats Jason's heart, he sure is making a lot of noise. You'd think the security officers outside the door would hear him.

In the scene where Jason is shaving Josh, he puts some shaving cream on him, and then it cuts to him picking up the razor, and then when they go back to Josh there seems to be more shaving cream on him then before. 

In the same scene noted above, you can tell that once the shaving cream is on Josh, he doesn't have a mustache anymore, even though its supposed to be there for Jason to shave off.

In the Director's cut, the female FBI agent is running through the woods as Jason chases after her. She is barefoot, then in the next shot she has boots on, next shot back to being barefoot, then shoes then barefoot again.

In the time it took the female FBI agent to get from the sign that said Crystal Lake 4 Miles to the cabin it got dark? When she pulls all the way up to the cabin its light, when she opens the cabin door its dark, but when then the light is coming in the windows, when she goes out to get the bulb its dark again. 

When the FBI agent lands on the table, the legs pop off sideways, yet in the next shot the legs are under the table. 

Jessica's baby clearly isn't the same baby throughout the film, in some shots the baby only has a little hair, and in other shots its got a bunch of hair. In the first shot it looks like a newborn, and then the next time we see it at Diana's house it looks a lot older with hair.

When Josh and the woman are outside the diner, you can see Diana go inside and close the door. But a few seconds later, the door is closing again.

When Steven and Randy are fighting beside the police car, Steven has his gun in the back of his pants, but in the next shot, he pulls it out from the front of his pants.

Elizabeth leaves the broken light bulb on top of the ladder, but it doesn't fall off when she folds the ladder up. The bulb isn't even on the ladder anymore.

When Jason is behind Elizabeth in the clearing, she is standing, but when the lights come back on she gets up off the ground.

How did American Casefile get pictures of the Coroner and his assistant were taken in the clothes they were wearing when they died/disappeared?
Kat's Explanation: Its possible that's what they wear everyday to work. It was pretty uniformed clothing.

In the Director's Cut version Jason swings his razor at Alexis repeatedly, but it never seems to come in contact with her, yet she is pretty slashed up.

When Josh looks in the mirror, and we get the first glimpse of Jason's reflection. Josh moves his head, but Jason's reflection doesn't move like Josh moved his head.

At the end of the film when Jason is using Randy's body he speaks! Since when does Jason talk? He didn't talk when he took over everyone else's body. 
Kat's Explanation: Maybe he can when he's in someone else's body and decided not to. Or maybe Jason can speak and chooses not to. 

How did the FBI agent get blood on her stomach? All of the sudden its there.
Kat's Explanation: Its from a deleted scene.

All the FBI agents are standing in a circle when they start shooting at Jason. How in the world did they not hit each other? I'm sure they don't all have perfect aim.

Deborah only takes a piss for like 2 seconds, I've never known anyone who peed that fast, especially when you are a female trying to balance. Even if you have to go extremely bad.

When the FBI agent is running through the woods, she is only wearing a towel that is tucked into itself, how in the world did it stay up?

When FBI Agent Marcus, stops and the lights come on, you can see that she has a small gun in her hand. Where did she get it from?
Kat's Explanation: This is from a deleted scene.

Technical Errors: 
At the end of the film when Jessica is running to stab Jason with the dagger, you can see her running on a platform that is much higher then the ground. You know it isn't supposed to be there, because it wasn't in that area before.

The Mailbox reads 'Vorhees' instead of Voorhees.

When Steven carries Jessica out to the car, the cameraman can be seen in the car.

Possible Errors:
How does Jason know how to shave?

How did Duke know when and where the FBI was going to blow Jason up, so that he could be there to watch?

Jason is only able to be reborn through a Voorhees, but he's reborn though Diana, so how come he doesn't look like her? Instead he looks like himself. It doesn't make sense.

Creighton Duke asks if Jason remembers him, from where? He's never been in any of the other films.
Kat's Explanation: There was supposed to be a back story with Jason and Duke. Duke's fiancé was killed by Jason. 

If Jason had a house, wouldn't he be living there instead of the woods?

Towards the end of the film, Jason is in Randy's body. He has Randy's gun, yet he never uses it to shoot Steven or Jessica.
Kat's Explanation: Maybe he didn't notice it there, or he doesn't know how to use it, or maybe he doesn't want to use it.


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