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Friday The 13th Part 8

Continuity Errors:
Jason's left eye appeared all rotted out during Part 7, yet now he has is left eye, and his right eye is messed up. 

Jason's been underwater for awhile now, yet somehow in this film, he's got what appears to be a new suit then the one he was wearing in the last movie.

Jason's ribcage, knee bones, and spine were all visible in the last film, but not in this one.
Kat's Explanation: Maybe because he has a new suit that appeared on him out of thin air.

The chain that was around Jason's neck from part 6 & 7 is not on his neck at all during this film.
Explanation (sent in): It is possible that the chains we see falling into the water, after Jason is electrocuted and brought back to life, are the chains that were around his neck in Pt. 7.

Jason had yellow gloves on at the end of Part 7, yet now he's got a pair of black ones?

Rennie stabs Jason in his left eye, yet his eye appears untouched when he loses his mask. He shouldn't even have a left eye when she stabs him in the eye. He didn't have one in Pt 7. Not only that but there is no blood, and he bleeds in Part 4 & Freddy Vs. Jason.

In part 7, Jason's mask was destroyed. Yet somehow Jim has one that looks just like it, and its even got the axe mark. 

In part 7 Jason didn't have any ears, now he does.

Since when does Crystal Lake open out into the ocean? We know they didn't get on the boat from elsewhere because Jim and Suzi's boat comes drifting along and they were on Crystal Lake. 

General Errors: 
When Sean gives Rennie the necklace he reaches into his pocket, but in the next shot she is already holding it. 

When Jason kills the boxer in the sauna, he rams the hot coal in the boxers stomach, just above his belly button. But in the overhead shot, the damage appears to be in the middle of his chest. 

It takes awhile for the blood to come out of the Captain's neck. 
Kat's Explanation: They are showing it in slow motion.

In the close up of Jason grabbing Jim's boat's railing, you can see a very human-looking pinky finger sticking out of the glove. 

When J. J. is about to be killed, she drops the guitar, and all of the sudden the tape stops playing.

In the same scene as above, you can hear the guitar through the little amp, even after Jason has obviously unplugged it.

When J. J. is killed, the blood hits the screen before she is even hit. 

When Tamara comes out of the shower, she is completely dry.

Rennie is driving the police car, but Sean gets out of the front seat. He doesn't appear to climb over the seat. 

As the ship is pulling away there seems to be MANY students, but after that, we only see a few other students here and there, what happened to them all?

If the deckhand knew that the ship was doomed, why did he stay on the boat? He could have gotten off before it left.

When Jason attacks Rennie through the window of her room, you can see the glass bend a little when he already has his head halfway through it.

When Jason slices the Captain's throat its very obvious that the machete barely makes contact with his throat. 

I'd like to know what NYC police cars don't have a screen separating the front and back. As the cop car shown in NYC doesn't have one.

Its obvious that the boat isn't moving when Rennie is pushed overboard. As she would have been left behind, and the water around the boat would have been causing waves, yet the water is pretty calm. 

Dummies in the backseat seem to have been used for the crash of the police car. 

Jason can teleport all of the sudden? Like Eva's death scene, or the scene when he's climbing up the ladder, or just about every other scene in the film.

When Jason breaks through Rennie's window and is strangling her, its obvious that his grip isn't really that tight. 

The deckhand is killed with a fire ax to the back. In fact it appears to have hit his spine, he shouldn't have been able to walk.

Its impossible that the needle would have gone all the way through the druggie's body like that. Especially not even breaking the tip of it.

Why does child Jason look different every time he is shown?
Kat's Explanation: Rennie is hallucinating. He can look like whatever she thinks he'd look like.

Technical Errors: 
When Sean emerges from the door in the wall and finds Rennie all drugged up, the wooden props holding the set's wall up are visible inside the doorway. 

When Jason throws Wayne into the electrical switchboard, the sparks start before Wayne hits anything. Try watching it on slow motion. 

A sprinkler can be seen above Jason, when the students are escaping on the little boat. Watch at the top left of the screen, you can see it spinning.

During some scenes you are able to see that Kane Hodder's arm make-up/latex stops at a certain point. For the most part it appears as though its some sort of sleeve that goes over some of the latex.

Possible Errors:
It seems that somehow Suzi has never heard of Jason until Jim tells her about him. He didn't tell her that Jason wore a Hockey mask, so how did she really know to be scared when Jim came in with the hockey mask?
Kat's Explanation:
Its possible that she was just freaked out from his story and would have been scared of anything at that point.

Sewer tunnel entrances in Manhattan are barricaded.
Kat's Explanation:
This was sent in to me, and I've never been to Time's Square so I'm not sure about this, but I'm assuming its correct.

No subway exits into the middle of Time's Square.
Kat's Explanation:
I've never been there, but its possible.

After they all escaped the Lazarus, they rowed into New York Harbor. To do that they would have had to row under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge without knowing it, which is impossible.
Kat's Explanation:
Again I've never been there, but its possible.

When Jason kills the Captain, he uses the blunt side of the blade.
Kat's Explanation: Its possible that its sharp on both sides.

How did Rennie's dog get on the life boat?
Kat's Explanation: If the boat was lowered from the main boat, he was probably put into it before it was lowered. If not someone would have had to carry him.

The Lazarus seems to be a pretty small boat on the outside, and there seems to be many students on the boat. If every student had a room the size of Tamara's and Rennie's there wouldn't be enough rooms.

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