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Friday The 13th Part 7

Continuity Errors:
Jason is wearing different clothes, he should still be wearing what he wore when Tommy put him in the lake.
Kat's Explanation: Well, they did have a lot of water damage and damage from fish.

At the end of Part 6 Jason is wearing yellow rubber gloves. In the beginning of this film he's wearing them, but throughout the film he isn't wearing them. Then at the end when he's in the water again, he's wearing them.
Kat's Explanation: They did rot a bit from being underwater, but you can tell he isn't wearing them.

Jason was shot in the head at the end of part 6, with a bullet hole in his mask, but its not there in this movie.

In Part 6 Jason has ears, in Part 7 he doesn't have ears, and he has ears again in Part 8.
Kat's Explanation: It makes sense that he wouldn't have ears in this movie as he is pretty rotted.

Mrs. Voorhees stated that Jason wasn't a very good swimmer, and we know this since he drown, so why did he swim out and kill Sandra?  

The scratches on Jason's mask (chin area) appear and disappear throughout the movie.

General Errors: 
Dr. Crews has a model train on his desk, but in some shots it isn't there. It's there when Tina is looking at her fathers photo, but then later when Tina is upset, right before she talks to Nick about his cousin the train is gone.

While Tina is tightening Jason's mask, there is a shot of neon slime on the right side of his head. The camera then goes to Tina, and then back to Jason, the neon slime is now gone.

When Robin finds the cat, she says "Are you David's kitty? David doesn't have a kitty." Why would it be David's cat anyhow? He doesn't live there, its Russ' uncle's cabin.

In the kitchen David starts chugging the beer. In the first shot its spilled all over his face, eyes and ear. The camera cuts away, but when it comes back to him he's almost clean, and it appears as though he just started chugging.

Right before David leaves Robin in bed, his hand position changes without him moving. He was touching her talking, and in the next shot he is still talking but not touching her. 

Robin's position changes right when she is thrown out the window. He throws her backwards but as she is falling out the window she falls forwards.

When Robin is thrown out the window the glass shatters and falls. Yet, there is no glass around her on the ground.

In the scene where Tina hangs Jason from the light, the hole she has created and the amount of debris around the hole change from shot to shot. In the first shot, there is a lot of debris sticking up, almost covering the hole, then in the next shot when he falls the hole is wide open.

When Jason bangs Judy's sleeping bag against the tree, he's holding it by the area where her head would be, meaning her legs are hitting the tree, but when they show her lying on the ground, her head is all bloody, as though it was her head getting hit. 

Tina hits Jason with the light. However the light bulb is not broken. Those things are easy to break.

When Ben uses the noisemaker, it makes a whistle noise, but when Kate gets killed with it, it makes the sound of a horn, not a whistle. 

When Jason grabs Kate, he comes from the front of the van. Wouldn't Kate have seen him through the windshield?

Throughout the whole movie, when Tina moves something with her mind, her head moves with the object. But in the scene when the matchbook moves her head doesn't move the first time. 

When Tina is getting the luggage out of the car, she drops a pink shirt, but when Nick hands it back to her its a different shade of pink.

In Tina's vision her mother is killed with a knife, but she was really killed with isn't as curved.
Kat's Explanation: Maybe Tina's visions aren't 100% accurate. 

Why the heck would Maddy look for David out in the woods? If she had to go through the living room to get outside, wouldn't she see all the people in the living room, and wouldn't they tell her that David was upstairs with Robin? And if they didn't tell her, why would she look for him that deep in the woods?

When Tina throws the tree at Jason and it hits him and falls to the floor, how come the head in the pot doesn't fall out?

Jane's eyes flicker when Jason pulls out the Nail holding her to the tree. Also, where does Jason get that weapon? He hasn't been to the barn yet.

Who the heck is Steve? When the girls are cooking out on the grill you can hear a guy yell "Steve, come on". Russ & Ben seem to be the only two guys out there. I believe its on the subtitles as well.

If the car that Tina passes right before she has the vision of her mother being killed is supposed to be Jane & Michael's car, its facing the wrong direction.

If David and Robin were having sex, why does he get out of bed with underwear on?

Why is the inside of the Van decorated with birthday party decorations?

Sandra's body has dry hair. Its obviously a cold night out, as people are wearing jackets, and in some scenes you can see their breath. So her hair should still be wet.

Technical Errors: 
The tent that Judy and Dan are camping in changes size between shots. The inside of the tent also appears to be much larger then it should be.
Kat's Explanation:
That's because one of the shots is reused from Rob's tent in Part 4 or at least appears to be.

The cameraman's shadow is visible on the wall just before Robin knocks on the door and says, "Maddy?"

At the end, as Tina is calling her father, there is a huge black curtain visible under the dock, hiding the actor.

In the beginning when the dock falls while Tina's father is on it, one of the logs hits the camera underwater.

Obvious stunt double for Tina as she drops the porch roof on Jason. Her hair becomes a smooth blonde wig.

Again obvious stunt double for Tina when Jason grabs her and throws her onto the dock, you can tell because of the unnatural blonde wig. Try watching it on Slow Motion, its easier to see.

When Tina is outside the house, and Jason comes out of the door and on to the porch, the door closes behind him, without him even touching it. 

Throughout the end of the movie there is lots of thunder and lightning, signaling an approaching storm. Then suddenly everything is wet as if the storm had just ended, like the puddle Jason falls in. But it never rained. 

The interiors of the house were filmed in a warehouse with the exteriors filmed at a lake in Bay Minette, AL. When Tina enters the kitchen and asks Melissa if she's seen Nick, you can see that the door leads to a cinder block wall. 

Before Jason kills Eddie, he walks out of a doorway that appears to be beside the stairs. Now, we know he just killed David in the kitchen, but they show a shot of him coming from what appears to be the kitchen into the living room. And then in the next shot when he's behind Eddie, it seems as though he came down the stairs. There isn't hallway into the kitchen beside the stairs and we know he didn't come down the stairs since he was just in the kitchen. So how did he get behind Eddie? 
Kat's Explanation: Maybe it was due to some cut scene, or perhaps it was due to the different filming locations.

When Robin goes into David's room after Eddie is killed, you can see the reflection of the microphone in the window.

Possible Errors:
Right after Maddy puts on her makeup she exits and it almost appears as though the door she just went out of leads to outside. However she was upstairs. It could just be that they didn't show us her walking through the house.

When David is in the kitchen and he hears a noise he calls out "Maddy", yet he just had sex with Robin, so why would he call out to Maddy?
Kat's Explanation:
Maybe he thought everyone else was screwing and Maddy didn't have a partner. But really there are many reasons he could have done this.

When Maddy goes upstairs to change, we can clearly see that the only rooms downstairs are the kitchen and living room, but upstairs has four bedrooms. The house doesn't seem large enough for the bedrooms. Its possible that the bedrooms are over the barn.

How did Robin die from being thrown out the window? Chris and Trish both lived and they fell out of second story windows without a scratch.
Kat's Explanation: She could have fallen differently and broken her neck.

The town is called Crystal Lake again, its possible the name was changed back since the name change didn't stop anything from happening in the last movie.

When Tina finds Kate in the woods she calls out to her as if they were best friends. Yet, they were never introduced, and never appeared together in any scene, so how does she know Kate's name, or how she looks?
Kat's Explanation: Maybe we just didn't see them meet. I mean they were neighbors and they were in the same house together. 

Maddy is wearing almost the same outfit that Trish wore in part 4. Wouldn't it be out of style by then?

If Tina's father died when she was a little girl then what is he still doing in the lake?

When David invites everyone to smoke pot, the door is open, when Maddie clearly shut it a few moments before.
Kat's Explanation: Maybe it didn't latch and blew open.

Jason hits Melissa in the head with the ax, and just as he starts to throw her, you see her reach out and grab his waist. With it embedded that far into her skull you'd think she would have died on impact.


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