Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees









Friday The 13th Part 6

Continuity Errors:
Crystal Lake always appears to be murky and brown, at least from the shore. Yet in this film its clear, well lit, and blue.

The Sheriff shoots Jason in the head leaving a bullet hole in his mask, yet in Part 7 the hole isn't there and it should be the same mask. 

At the end of Part 5, Tommy has the Mask that Roy used. But now all of the sudden he has the real mask worn by the real Jason.

Tommy went from having brown thick hair to thin light blonde to wavy dirty blond through parts 4,5,6.
Kat's Explanation: Well, in the novels, it appears as though from 4-6 Tommy has aged 10years. So I'll go by that and think he just got much older.

When Jason kills Lizabeth his gloves are very yellow, but earlier they were very dirty.

If Jason can't swim, as Mrs. Voorhees says in the first film. And according to Freddy Vs. Jason he's scared of water, then why at the end does he follow Tommy into the water? 

General Errors: 
Jason's body suddenly turns into a completely clean skeleton right before its struck by lighting. Before it was covered with worms, etc. Then after its stuck by lightening, he's got most of his flesh back. 
Kat's Explanation: In Jason X they come to the conclusion that Jason has tissue that can regenerate on its own. So perhaps that is what happened and the lightening sped up the process.

When the kids all come to the police station, Cort has his headphones around his neck, but a few shots later they show him taking them off his ears.

When Jason kills Lizabeth, one of his feet are on one side of her head, the other foot on the other side, but in the next shot his feet are together. 

When Jason kills Burt he takes his belt, but the belt appears around his waist before he gets the chance to actually put it on. 

When Cort and Niki are having sex, his shirt is up, then down, then down even more.

When Cort is driving the motor home you see a far shot of the van, it doesn't look like there are any frames behind him, nor is Niki in the shot when she should be next to the frames that are supposed to be on the wall.

Officer Pappas reports Megan's license plate number, but she is driving backwards and there is no plate on the front, so how does he know what it is?

Cort turns up the radio in the motor home, but the volume doesn't go up any higher.

When Jason is laying in his coffin in the beginning a worm falls right off his face. The worm then appears and disappears between shots. Namely the shot when Tommy starts his audio flashback.

For most of the cemetery scene Jason's pants seem to be a dark green, then later they are a tan color. Its possible the rain washed them a bit, but he has been buried for years. 

When Tommy is escaping Jason in the cemetery, his truck revs up before he even gets the chance to start it. 
Kat's Explanation: He left the truck running. 

The amount of blood on the machete and the position the little girl is holding it in change as she shows it to Paula. 

Jason's eye color changes, from brown at the beginning, blue when hit by the propeller, and brown in the last shot of the film. 

The Propeller damage to Jason changes between shots. 

Jason kills Larry, Katie, and Stan in one stroke. Yet Katie is noticeably taller then the men, meaning her head would have been cut differently. 

When Jason pushes Niki's head through the wall, there is a solid wall inside the metal trailer frame, in other words, he would have had to push her head through that and the mirror too. 

In the cabin where Paula was killed there was blood, but it was obviously too much blood for one human body.

The song Cort and Niki are having sex to, is not 10 Minutes long. In fact, its not even four minutes long!

In the motor home, after the lights are out Cort is under a blanket. For one small part its under his neck, then lower, and then back around his neck.

Tommy & Megan's car has rain on it, but it hasn't been raining.

When Megan and Tommy are in the car being chased its dark. Then Megan says "I got you your supplies" its very bright. Obviously not the late night, and then in the next shot its dark again.

When Jason pushed the face of Niki into the trailer wall you can see her imprint on it. But when the trailer flips over, the mark is gone. 

In part six Megan says "Just because our parents say Jason is a legend doesn't mean he's not real" If Jason is so well known in the area, don't you think that people would realize his gravestone was in the public cemetery?

Technical Errors: 
A camera is visible in the bottom left of the window when Sissy pours the soda out. However, later Jason pops up from below the window, maybe it was supposed to be him.

When the Sheriff shoots Jason the first time with the shotgun, the cable that pulls Jason back is visible. 

After Cort and Paula bring their groceries from the truck, their reflection can be seen in the side panel of the truck, as they walk past the camera and sit down waiting for the scene to end. 

After the triple decapitation you can see the mat on the ground that their bodies fall on. You can also see a metal/silver wire. *try watching the scene on slow motion. Its easier to catch*

Near the end of the film, when Tommy and Megan are driving towards the camp, a shot is reused from the earlier police chase scene. You can tell by the reflection of the red police lights in the trees. 

The knife which killed Cort is noticeably rubber.

While Cort and Niki are having sex there is a close up on the tape deck. Slowly the empty one opens.

Possible Errors:
When Jason is killing Darren and Liz, it is nighttime, but in another scene, which seems to be the same day, its daytime.
Kat's Explanation: Actually, when the counselors come to the police station its supposed to be the next day.

Tommy throws the gasoline into the lake in two separate lines on both sides of the boat. He then lights the match and it ignites a circle of flames around the boat. The gas seems to have spread a little too quickly. 

It makes sense that they would change the name of the campgrounds, but why change the name of the county from Wessex, to Forest Green?

The chain around Jason's neck appears to have enough space where if he pulled himself down the chain he could just lift the entire thing off. Sorta like he did in Part 3 hanging the other way.

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