Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees


Friday The 13th Part 5
Continuity Errors:
The Mayor says Jason was cremated, but in the next film he's buried in the cemetery.
Explanation: (sent in) The Mayor could have been lying so that they could focus on real suspects. Or maybe it was a lengend that he was really cremated not buried so people didn't mess with his grave. As Tommy clearly does in Pt. 6.

General Errors:
After Neil and Les are killed and Jason has his machete, its perfectly clean, same with his nails. In part 3 he had dirty nails, and in Tommy's dream Jason doesn't have the dirty nails.
Kat's Explanation: Its Tommy's dream.

When Neil and Les are digging up Jason, the coffin is on the same level as the pile of dirt, I thought people were buried 6 feet under? Wouldn't Jason Voorhees especially be buried deep?
Kat's Explanation: Its just a dream.

Railroad spikes really aren't that long, so how is it that one went through Matt's head, and nailed him to a tree?

The movie Jake and Robin are watching "A Place in the Sun" does not end like that.
Kat's Explanation: I am unsure if this is correct or not, I have never seen the film.

If Roy was the killer through the whole film, how in the world did he withstand the pain everyone put him though?

When Roy killed Eddie with the leather strap he is turning it one way to make it tighter, when the camera cuts away and then back, he is turning it in the other direction. 

When Ethel is stabbed with the cleaver, there doesn't seem to be any blood on it when its pulled out. There is blood on it when it is in her. 

Lana hears the sound of glass breaking but when she discovers the cat, there is no broken glass around. There is however frying pans on the floor that the cat is licking. If they fell off, they made the wrong sound, and landed perfectly.

While driving to see Demon, the van goes past the same rocks over and over again.

Lana smears lipstick on her upper right lip, but when she turns at the cat's noise, it is pressed and perfect-looking.

Just before Junior is killed, the level of the stew Ethel is making changes from shot to shot.

When Reggie finds the bodies in Tommy's room, Violet is first propped against the wall, but in the next shot, she is lying down, and then propped up again.

When Pam is running through the woods with Reggie, her sweater disappears then reappears many times.

When Demon is in the outhouse, going to the bathroom, his pants are up, who goes to the bathroom with their pants all the way up?

When Reggie hits Roy with the tractor, the rip/blood only appear on his chest after he has hit the ground, and the rip seems to get larger when he stands up.

When Billy was waiting for Lana to come out his radio was on very loud, but when Lana comes out the radio isn't on. 
Kat's Explanation: "Jason" could have turned it off. Maybe it was a tape, and the tape ended.

Pete's collar is up when he gets in the car, in the next shot, before he is killed his collar is down. 

In the same scene you can tell that the machete is placed over Pete's neck and is cut out to fit his heck.

There doesn't appear to be a steering wheel in the truck when Pam is searching for Tommy. 

The blonde paramedic has nice combed over hair when he has his glasses on. In the next shot after he takes them off, his hair is a mess.

When Lana is killed, the axe is swung horizontally, yet when we see her dead body the axe is stuck in her vertically.

When "Jason" bursts through the door, Pam and Reggie run through the house, and almost straight through the woods. Yet Jason somehow manages to get ahead of them.

Technical Errors: 
When "Jason" and Pam are fighting at the end, (Machete and Chainsaw) there should be sparks from the metals hitting each other.

Possible Errors:
At the end of the movie Pam is being shown newspaper clippings of Jason, there is even a picture of the real Jason wearing his trademark hockey mask. Um, yeah right, since when does Jason pose for pictures? 
Kat's Explanation: Of course one of the survivors could have given their description, and it could be someone dressed up as him.

Most police cars have some sort of separator in between their back and front seats, but when Vic is being taken in, there isn't one. You'd think they would put him in a car that had one, especially after the crime he had just committed. 

When Tina is lying down, right before she is murdered, how could there not have been a single footstep heard from Roy walking over to her? There were lots of leaves around to be stepped on. Of course if she heard him, then I'm sure she would have tried to get away, and that would have altered the script a little bit.

The cat that scared Lana jumped from very high. There was nothing in the diner that high, at least from what we could see.

Throughout the whole film Tommy has visions of Jason (the way he actually looked by the end of pt. 4) however he fails to realize this new Jason is a fake, with a different mask even.

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