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Friday The 13th Part 3

Continuity Errors:
In the replay of the ending of part 2, Jason takes the machete out of his shoulder, however he had it when he attacked Ginny through the window.
Kat's Explanation: The ending where Jason jumps through the window could have been a dream.

Jason was stabbed in the shoulder in Part 2, yet he has no wounds from it.
Kat's Explanation: We never really saw him cut in the shoulder. We just assume it was because of the ending where he jumps through the window. If that was a dream that would explain it.

We see Jason's face at the end of part 2. In Part 3, we see his face again, however its only a day after part 2 took place. How does Jason look so different?
Kat's Explanation: Because when Jason jumps through the window, it was part of a dream if you believe that theory.

In Part 2, Jason was an average sized man, in Part 3 Jason is pretty tall. He could not have changed that much in one day.

General Errors:
The blanket on the hammock is totally different after Chris gets out of the shower.
Kat's Explanation: If you look closely, as she gets out of bed with Andy, it appears as though she puts the quilt around her. You can see a little bit of it in the bathroom. The blanket on the hammock later, was under them while they had sex.

When they arrive at the lake and everyone gets out of the van you can see that Chris shuts her door as Shelly is about to close his. Then when she is on screen she is closing the door again.

Andy holds the joint differently in each shot.

When Harold is inside the shop it looks light outside. But in other shots it is obviously night.

The knife that Debbie is killed with looks much shorter when Chris later pulls it out of Debbie's body.

As Ali comes out of the store you can see a rack of tires behind him. There are six on the top and nine on the bottom. The next time we see the tire rack there are six on top, eight on the bottom, and some have changed position.

They pull the van over when the police are behind them. There isn't anything around the van. But in the next shot, inside the van, as they are pulling away, you can see a parked car, and a road sign. Those weren't visible anywhere outside.

When Chris shows Debbie the hammock its hanging by a loop. But in the next shot the loop is different.

There is a sign in front of the fishbowl at Harold's store. But in the closeup shots of the bowl, the sign is gone.

Chris uses a chair to smash the window, and a couple shots later she lands on the ground next to it. But its a completely different different chair.

When Chris comes out of the closet door and starts swinging the knife at Jason you can see the door start to close behind her, in the next shot its still closing, but in the next shot its reclosing.

Chris sets her lantern down on the table after her and Rick return to the house. Later, when Rick is thrown through the window, the lantern is no longer on the table.

In the overhead shot, when Shelly grabs Vera's foot you can see her shoe fall off and dangle by the strap. In the next shot her shoe is back on and normal.

When Jason kills Vera his pants appear very blue, yet he's been wearing tannish pants since the beginning.

When Andy is killed the shot looking up at the dummy shows him just about to fall on the ground, but the next shot shows him falling again.

When Ali smashes the windshield of the car, you can see the druck behind him is parallel to the road. But in the next shot, when Shelly turns the car around, the truck is turned.

Shelly only brings his little box with him. How does he fit the ax prop, make-up, the mask, the wetsuit, and his clothes for the vacation in it?

At the end of the movie when Jason is lying there "dead" there seems to be a lot of junk all over the barn. But during the fight with Chris and Jason everything seemed off to the sides.

Edna is watching TV, and the reporter says that 8 bodies were strewn all over the camp ground. 10 people died in the film. However, it is assumed that Paul and Alice are not included in the body count, and we know Alice's body is at Jason's shack. If that is the case, the Cop and Terry should be included as well, since their bodies were at the shack. Leaving only 6 bodies to be found.

Chris' flashback of Jason's attack on her happened 2 years before the events of this film, so how is Jason wearing the clothes that he just stole in the beginning of this film (from Harold and Edna), two years ago?
Kat's Explanation: He's not. Throughout the film he's wearing tannish pants, with a green shirt. In the flashback he's wearing tannish pants and a tannish shirt. Its highly unlikely that he wore those overalls for over two years.

At the end when the cop is escorting Chris to the car, the window is half way down, when the camera angle changes to the other side of the car, the window is only open a couple of inches.

When the group is driving to Higgins Haven, they believe the cops are going to pull them over, so they eat all of the weed in the van. If they really ate it all, how are they smoking some later in the film?
Kat's Explanation: I don't know if this is from the book. But Chili is wearing this necklace, and I believe I read something about her stashing extra pot in there.

Harold goes around eating a bunch of stuff in the shop. How come the donuts aren't sealed?
Kat's Explanation: Perhaps he ate some earlier and opened it then.

When Edna shuts the window, part of the curtain gets stuck in it, but in the next shot, the curtain isn't stuck in the window anymore.

When Edna sees Jason outside by the clothesline, she thinks its Harold. How could she mistake him for Harold? Harold is short, and heavy, while Jason is very tall, and muscular.
Kat's Explanation: Maybe her eyesight isn't that great.

Harold has an apron on when he brings the rabbit in the barn. Then he runs out and in the next shot he's running by Edna, but he doesn't have the apron on.

When Chili is handing Andy a joint, the way she holds it changes from shot to shot.

Shelly is wearing a watch when he throws the wallet to Vera in the store, but he isn't wearing it at any other time in the film and he sure isn't wearing it when Loco and Ail pick him up, nor when he leaves the store.

When Chris is in the van on the bridge, her window is all the way down, but when Jason is right there, she only turns the handle one full circle, yet the window rolls all the way up.
Explanation (sent in): With a quick cut during the scene, she would have actually made two revolutions, and the window should have gone up.

When Debbie takes a shower, she has her necklace on, but when she comes out of the bathroom she no longer has it on.

When Rick lifts Chris on a bale of hay, he lets her go and the rope drops to the ground. Later, Chris puts the rope around Jason's neck and it doesn't reach the ground, though he weighs much more than she does.
Explanation (sent in): If the other end is tied off in the barn it would make the rope shorter.

The pitchfork that Loco was stabbed with had six sharp edges, however when we see it go through him, we see only four. Also the pitchfork is face down, but when it goes through him, it appears as if its face up, because of the way the edges are sticking up.

When Jason kills Edna, he is wearing blue jeans and a green shirt, however he is wearing something different in the scene where he kills Harold.

Fox is hung on the rafter with the pitchfork in her neck, but when Chris goes in there later, Fox isn't there.
Kat's Explanation: Maybe Jason moved her body like he did with all the bodies in Part II.

Later in the night, Ali pops out from the barn, if Jason was hiding in there all night, wouldn't the two have "bumped" into each other again?
Kat's Explanation: Ali was probably knocked unconscious, and Jason probably thought he was dead.

When Annie's throat was cut, she died instantly. Likewise with Scott. Yet Shelly's throat is cut much more severely and he manages to wander around for ten minutes.
Explanation (sent in): We don't know that Annie and Scott actually died instantly. Annie fell to the ground, and then they immediately cut to a different scene. She could have died minutes later like Shelly did. It's likely she wouldn't have had a chance to go anywhere because we can assume Mrs. Voorhees carried her to her jeep right away. Scott was hung upside down, so he wasn't about to go anywhere, and like Annie's death, they cut to a different scene almost immediately.

When Vera drops the wallet, the water is still. When she tries to retrieve it, it isn't moving, yet it moved about 20 feet while she walked off the dock.

Andy asks Debbie while she is in the shower if she wants a beer. She says "Yes" but if she didn't want a joint because she was pregnant, shouldn't she have said no to the beer as well?

Andy was cut in half, yet he didn't start bleeding until Debbie finished her shower, walked into the bedroom and turned three pages of a magazine. Nor did he leave a blood trail when Jason was putting him up there. There also wasn't ANY blood in the hallway for Debbie to walk through.

When Andy is killed, Jason looks like he slammed the machete between his legs, but when they show Andy he's slit in half by his waist line.

When Jason is killed he is wearing blue jeans, but when they show him laying on the barn ground he is wearing tan pants. Yet in the beginning Jason stole tan pants from Harold & Edna.

When Harold is killed you can see the blood dripping down his chest, but in the next shot as he's falling down there is only blood around the cleaver.

Jason was stabbed in the left leg, but later is wound is in his right leg.
Kat's Explanation: From the angle of the camera it appears as though she stabbed him in the left leg. But when he is shown pulling it out he seems to pull it from his right leg.

After Jason is stabbed in the leg, he walks with a limp, however in some scenes he isn't limping, and in others he is limping.

Vera and Rick haven't met yet. But she's asking him to use his car? Why doesn't she take the van?

If there is a bathroom in the house, Debbie took a shower in it, then how come Chuck goes outside to use the outhouse?
Explanation (sent in): In the shots of the bathroom you never see a toilet (might be one next to the sink). However, some fans believe Chuck mainly went outside to smoke a joint. Yet we clearly see them smoke in the house so we know that isn't an issue.

*UPDATED* Chris' dream is a complete mistake. Chris doesn't know anything about Jason, or about his mother. So if the ending is a dream, how does she know about Mrs. Voorhees to dream about her. Not to mention the fact that she was beheaded so she shouldn't have her head anyway. Apparently at some conventions people even assume the woman is Ginny, even though she didn't die...

In the end when Ali comes out from his hiding spot in the barn, it appears as if he's not hurt at all. It had appeared as though Jason was whacking his arm earlier with a machete.
Kat's Explanation: Maybe he was hitting him in the head. Even then, the blood is still on the wrong side of his head.

When Chris notices the axe in the barn, its sitting on something, but when she picks it up, its laying on the ground.

Chris stabbed through Jason's hand, but when he puts his hands through the van window he has blood only on the back of his hand, not his palm.

When Vera is looking at Shelly's wallet, its very obvious that the camera slows down too much to show us a photo of Shelly and his mother.

Technical Errors:
A crewmember's hand and chest can be seen in the reflection of the car window when Rick and Chris drive away from the house.

When Chris gets out of the Van and starts walking towards Vera's house, you can clearly see the microphone reflected in the upper right side of the van.

Ali punches out the windshield, and it shatters. But in the windshield looks like big chunks of it are missing, not little bits.

When Shelly is running to get into the car with Vera. A small dark line is visible in the lower right side of the screen. This mark appears from time to time throughout the movie in different locations.

If you slow-mo Andy's death, not only does the dummy look really fake, but you can see a wire.

When Chris is running around closing windows there is a pane that appears to be missing or VERY clean compared to the rest.

When Chris stops the van to avoid hitting the old man you can see that no one is in the back of the van.

When Shelly and Vera get in the car to leave the store, you can see the reflection of the microphone when he looks at the camera.
Explanation (sent in): It appears to be some sort of power line or phone line.

Most of the props used for the 3D effect have wires which are clearly showing.

On the original VHS movie box, it refers to "another group of naive counselors" However they weren't counselors.

When Chuck is in the basement, you can see the microphone shadow on his shirt.
Kat's Explanation: It could be the shadow of the light bulb that is hanging there, or something else, there is so much down there.

At the end of the film when Chris is in the boat, Jason breaks down the door to get to her. But the door seems to break before he even touches it.

When Harold is fixing the pole to the clothesline, its obvious that he's looking at the camera.
Kat's Explanation: Possibly to make sure he doesn't hit the camera.

Deb gets hit by the yoyo, but she says "oh, that was close". Hello, it hit you Deb.

It's very obvious that Harold is sitting on the toilet lid while in the bathroom.

Loco goes to the top of the barn, and passes by Fox's body, but he doesn't notice the body until he turns around. He would have had to have seen it when he first got up there.

When Jason puts his hand on Chili's shoulder, he isn't holding her in place, why didn't she try to get away?

When Debbie is taking a shower, you can tell she's wearing underwear.

When Jason is hanging from the barn the rope around his neck is really loose. You can tell that the rope is putting no pressure to his neck because he only pulls himself up about a quarter of an inch to get it off of his neck.

When Jason is hanging from the rope, he pulls his mask up and the rope is still around his head. In the next shot the mask is still up in the same position, but the rope isn't around it.
Kat's Explanation: While its possible that he did continue to move the rope, its probably unlikely that his mask would have stayed in the same position.

Possible Errors:
Vera puts Shelly's wallet in her pants pocket, but later pulls it out of a different pair of pants. She could have changed pants, but its unlikely that she would have forgotten about having his wallet. She would have then had to remove his wallet from the old pair, and put it in the new pair.

The movie claims that Ginny is the only survivor in part two but Paul made it too.
Kat's Explanation: Fans just assume that Paul is alive cause we never see what happens to Ginny or Paul after Jason breaks through the window. Paul did not make it.

Loco tells Fox to stop messing around when she is swinging on the rope, and when he looks up you can see in the far bottom corner someone walking away. I always thought that we were supposed to see this, and think it was Jason.

Why are the police not combing the area for a serial killer? They already know about the attack on Ginny and the training center, and as of the morning that Chris and her friends arrive at Higgins Haven they know that Harold and Edna were killed.

Why does Jason undress the dead? Obviously there is Chili's shirt in the tub, along with a pair of jeans.



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