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Friday The 13th Part 2

Continuity Errors:
At the end of the first film Jason was young, how in the world did he grow to be a full adult in only a short time?
Kat's Explanation: It was Alice's dream

At the end of the film, Jason has the machete in his arm when he jumps through the window, but in the replay of part 3, before the scene with him in the window, he pulls it out of his arm. 
Kat's Explanation: The end of the movie with Jason jumping through the window could be Ginny's dream.

When Jason gets the machete in his shoulder at the end of Part 2, his shirt sleeves are both down, like they have been throughout the film, and like they are when he jumps through the window and grabs Ginny. But during the recap of this in Part 3, we see him pull out the machete and one sleeve is up one is down.
Kat's Explanation: If you go with the theory that the end of Pt. 2 was a dream, then it doesn't really matter. But it could be that his sleeve just got messed up during the fight with Paul.

Mrs. Voorhees' head is bloody with the mouth and eyes open when it is in the refrigerator. But it is clearly not like this at the end of the film. Not to mention its been 5 years since her death, it should be more decayed then that.
Kat's Explanation: Maybe Jason found a way to preserve her head.

Mrs. Voorhees' hair has grown long, and turned white since it was cut off in the first film. 
Kat's Explanation: Some experts say your nails and hair continue growing after death. Others say that it only appears as though they keep growing because your skin shrinks from the decay. You decide.

General Errors:
When Paul and Ginny arrive at the bar, the left yellow light on her car is dead. Its dead when they leave the bar as well. But when they are pulling back into the training center, the light is working.

When Ginny enters Jason's shack, she sees the bodies and screams, at that moment you can see Terry (Kirsten Baker) open her mouth almost in a smile, her teeth showing more and more.

Terry's earrings are pink pearls when Scott gets caught in the rope. But in the close up of her face when she enters the cabin you can clearly see white pearl earrings.

When Scott hits Terry with the rock, it hits her right side, but she grabs at her left side.

In the same scene you can see Scott holding the slingshot in his one hand up in the air. In the next shot, further away, his arm/hand with the slingshot is down by his side..and it doesn't even look like the same actor!

When Ginny hits Jason in the shoulder with the machete it isn't very deep, its on an angle, and has caught some of his sack in the wound. In the next shot the machete is much deeper, not on an angle and there is no sack in the wound.

Jason drags Vicki down the stairs. We can see she's covered in blood. Yet no blood gets on the stairs.

When Terry is undressing to get into the water her hair is up and dry. In the next shot of her walking into the water her hair is no longer up, and it is very wet and slicked back.

When Terry gets out of the water her hair is very wet. She chases Scott and he's lifted into the air. Now her hair appears much drier in certain areas. When she enters her cabin her hair is drenched again.

At the beginning of the film Sandra and Jeff are on the phone when they notice the truck being towed. Jeff hangs up the phone and they go running. In the next shot of them running you can see the phone dangling off the hook.

When Alice opens the fridge and sees Mrs. Voorhees' head she starts screaming. Here you can see her hair is over her ears. But in the next shot, when Jason puts the ice pick into her head, her hair is now behind her ears.

When Scott is dancing with Muffin his shirt collar is up. When we see him from the window the collar is folded down.

In the beginning of the bar scene we hear the band playing but hear no singing. However the man on stage is clearly singing.

In the scene where Vicki is changing, there is a curtainless window reflected in the mirror. The camera angle switches to outside, then back inside. Now the window has orange curtains.

When the cop is running after Jason in the woods his shirt keeps going from buttoned to unbuttoned to buttoned again.

When Jason enters the cabin right after killing Mark an umbrella is clearly visable next to the door. But in the scene where Vicki enters the cabin, she is using that umbrella and places it in the same spot. Obivously her scene was filmed first and they forgot to remove the umbrella from its resting place.

When Jason is attacking Ginny while she is hiding in the car, she opens the door and knocks Jason to the ground. Jason begins to get up, but in the next shot as Ginny is running away it appears as though Jason is still on the ground struggling to get up.

The cop leaves his car in the middle of the road to run after Jason, but later on, there is no car in the way. 
Kat's Explanation: Well, Maybe Jason moved it, if he knows how to drive. Maybe someone else moved it because it was in the way, and we just weren't shown it.

When Terry is walking back to her cabin for a knife, her pants are untied, but when she walks into the cabin they are tied in a bow. On the way to Scott they are untied again. 

If Muffin, the dog came back at the end of the film, then what did Sandra and Jeff find in the woods?
Kat's Explanation: The 'fluff' they found in the woods was Muffin. The end of the movie is a dream perhaps. 

Paul and Ginny return from the bar, the windshield wipers are stopped while in the up position, but later, when Ginny hides in the car, the wipers are in their normal position. 

When Mark is killed he's in the middle of the porch with Jason behind him, but when the camera changes angles he's on the stairs and Jason isn't anywhere to be seen.

When Ginny is hiding from Jason behind the car, you can see the top of her head, wouldn't Jason have seen it too?
Kat's Explanation: Maybe not. After are, we are supposed to assume that Jason is perhaps mentally challenged, and having that bag over his head gives him a blind spot that perhaps Ginny was in.

When Paul announces to the counselors that they are going for a night on the town, he mentions that there are only two cars, yet, obviously Vicki has one because she later goes to it to get something out of it.
Kat's Explanation: It's possible that Paul said there were only two cars because he wanted to leave the others with at least one other car in case of an emergency, but yes, that line should have been worded as "we are only taking two cars" instead of "we only have two cars"

In the very beginning of the film, when Alice hears a noise, a cat jumps through the window. Its very obvious that someone threw the cat in the window. 
Kat's Explanation: Maybe the cat is a very good jumper.

Crazy Ralph is strangled with a wire. The killer places the wire OVER the tree. It would have had to have been a tree stump that was pretty high, for that to have happened. Otherwise Jason would have had to wait behind the tree, making sure that no one saw him, so he could be ready with the wire already wrapped around it, and hope that someone leaned against the tree. Not only that, but Jason would be two feet taller then Ralph. 
Explanation (sent in): Perhaps Jason stepped up onto something behind the tree, and placed the wire above and slid it down.

The trailer voice over claims "12 of her friends were murdered". First of all, 12 people weren't at the camp, and 12 people weren't killed at all in the film, a total of 10 were. 6 counselors - Annie, Ned, Brenda, Marcie, Jack, and Bill. And 7 if you include Steve Christy. Alice never met Annie, and didn't know she was dead. So she wasn't a friend. 

Technical Errors:
Jason cuts Scott's neck with the dull side of the machete.
Explanation (sent in): Some machetes have one side that is dull, and others have both sides that are sharp.

When Jason is in Ginny's cabin you can see a shadow on the floor. It may be the microphone wires. 

Possible Errors:
The cop doesn't seem very winded chasing Jason. It was a long chase, and he didn't appear to be in the best shape.
Kat's Explanation: We see him stop and take a good breath, then continue on. But he should be more out of breath then that.

What happened to the rest of the counselors who were at the bar? Did they stay behind in town, or did they just dissolve into thin air?
Kat's Explanation: It just isn't explained. It would have been neat to see them give interviews on the TV in Part III. You would have assumed they would have returned before morning, when the news showed Ginny on TV in Part III. In the novelization of the film they do explain that the rest stay at the bar(s) all night.

Alice took a really fast shower.
Kat's Explanation: They just fast forward to when the phone rings, and it makes people think that she took a short shower. Or maybe she just rinsed off, because her hair wasn't that wet.



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