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Interview with Tracie Savage
(Debbie, Friday The 13th Part 3D)
Conducted by Kat on January 13th, 2003

How did you get the role of Debbie? 
I was a child actress. I did my first commercial at two years old, and worked steadily thru my childhood. But, when they were casting for the movie, I had just started college...and was basically "out" of the business. My agent talked me into going on the interview....and after a few call backs...I GOT THE PART. I figured it would be a lot of fun to do a horror movie. Something I could laugh about later.

If you were asked to be in another Friday The 13th film, or another horror film in general would you do it? (perhaps even a little cameo)
There was a time, early in my professional career as a journalist when I probably would NOT appear in a horror film. I was too busy working on my career and maintaining credibility. But, NOW, sure I would. I have been a reporter/news anchor for 18 years. I have proven myself as a journalist. And, I think it would be fun. NOW, THAT would be something to laugh about later.

What is your favorite scene in part 3? (Filming it or watching it)
Any of the scenes where they used the special effects...generally it was when someone was being killed. Those scenes were always very interesting to watch and work on...and when they pulled off the was GREAT.

Do you regret being one of Jason's victims?
NO, Not at all.

Have you seen any of the other films in the series, and if so, what did you think of them?
I believe I may have seen Part One, when it first came out. I was never really a big fan of horror films. The "suspense" rattles me...and scares me too much. I can never sit thru a horror drives me crazy.

What have you been doing in your life since you filmed Part 3?
I finished college and went on to be a television news reporter/anchor. I have been working in Los Angeles for 11 years.

Do you keep in contact with anyone from the cast?
Unfortunately I don't. Although, a few years ago, I attended a party at the home of Frank Mancuso Senior. His son, Frank Mancuso jr. produced the movie. And, I also ran into Larry Zerner about 9 years ago in downtown LA. I was covering the O.J Simpson trial for NBC, and he (NOW A LAWYER) was working on a case of some sort.

Do you own any prop from the film?
Not any more. I've moved too many times...and some of those old props just didn't make the move.

Does it surprise you that the Friday The 13th series has such a large fan base?
Its not really surprising. They are classic horror movies. And, because the series had so many was able to attract new movie goers for so many years.

Who was your favorite person to work with on this film?
I really enjoyed working with the ENTIRE cast. Everyone was great to work with. And, the director also, Steve Minor has since gone on to direct BIG movies. It was fun to work on one of his first projects.

Are you a fan of horror movies? What is your favorite type of film?
NO, not really. I prefer movies that tell a story...especially if its a true story.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), how much fun was it to work on Part 3?
At the time....I would say it was a 10. Sure, the days were long...very long...but, I was a teenager, hanging out with a bunch of other teens...making a movie. What fun.

When you heard that the movie was going to be shot in 3-D which required more takes on many of the scenes, did it make you want to take part in the film more or less?
I think that made making the movie more appealing...and more challenging. I was very excited to be a part of the movie.

Are there any interesting stories about anything that happened on the set?
I remember that preparing to film my "death scene" was a real challenge. I was in makeup for about 4 hours. It required that everything was just perfect.

Did you see either of the first two films in the series before taking on the role as Debbie?
I did see Part one...but NOT part two.

Some people say that Dana Kimmell was hard to work with because she didn’t agree with many of the scenes in the film. Do you think she or anyone else was hard to work with?
I honestly DON'T remember anyone being hard to work with, at all. I really have very positive memories of all my co-workers. We all had a lot of fun together.

There were many scenes that were not included when the film came out, some weren’t even filmed. Do you remember any of these scenes? If so, what did they consist of?
I don't remember any.

Do people ever come up to you and say “Are you the girl from Friday The 13th Pt. 3?” or anything like that?
Actually, I worked with a man who was a huge fan of all the "Friday the 13th " movies...and he remembered me. We have become friends...and we still laugh about that first time he brought up the movie. It had been 20 years since the movie came out...and he even remembered some of my lines. Wild.

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