Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees


Interview with Larry Zerner
(Shelly, Friday The 13th 3D)
Conducted by Kat in 1999-2000

Some say that Dana Kimmell was hard to work with, what did you think about working with her? 

I've heard that, but we didn't have any problems. I think that, in the end, she really didn't want to be in a horror movie, while for the rest of us, we thought it was great.

How did you get the part of Shelly? (I heard they basically picked you off the street, what was that like, and once they got you did you have to audition?) 
It's true. I was spotted on the streets of Westwood by Marty Kitrosser and Carol Watson, who wrote the movie, and they came up to me and asked if I was an actor and if I would be interested in being in this movie. Let me tell you, this was one of the more amazing moments of my life. I ended up giving them my agent's name and number and a few days later I was called to audition. I ended up going on 3 or 4 callbacks before they cast me, but it seems that I was destined to play this role.

Would you say that you are like your character (prankster)? 
At the time (in 1982) I'm sorry to say I was a lot like Shelly.

What have you been doing in your life since the film? I hear you are a lawyer. 
Yes, I gave up acting many years ago and I am now an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles, specializing in Trademark and Copyright matters. If you need a lawyer in those areas, give me a call.

What kind of person was Steve Miner to work with? 
Steve was great. Although it was only his second movie (F13-2 was his first), he really seemed to know what he wanted and to know what he was doing.

If you were asked to act again in either another Friday The 13th, or just a horror film in general would you do it? 

Are you a fan of the Horror Genre? If so what are some of your favorites? 
I think Dawn of the Dead is the greatest (and scariest) horror film ever made. I'm also a big fan of Dead Alive, which, if you haven't seen yet, you must go out and rent.

What's your favorite scene in part 3? Either filming it or watching it?
My favorite scene, both to film and watch, was the scene in the store with the motorcycle gang. That was a lot of fun. The scene where I came out of the water with the hockey mask was the hardest to film. It was cold in that water!

Do you and the cast still keep in contact? 
The only cast member I still talk to is David Katims (who played Chuck the stoner). If any of the other cast members read this, they can e-mail me at

What was it like working with the actress who played Vera?
Catherine was nice, but during filming I had a big crush on Tracie Savage.

What's your favorite Friday flick? 
Besides Part 3, I like Part 1. When you think about it, it's pretty subversive to have an old lady as the killer.

Do you regret being part of Jason's checklist? 
Are you kidding? It's an honor.

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