Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees

Interview with Dominick Brascia
(Joey, Friday The 13th V)
Conducted by Kat on June 10th, 2003

How did you get the role of Joey?
My agent called me and told me about the role. It wasn't called Friday The 13 part 5. They were trying to keep the film secret.

What was it like to lay there and play dead with all the blood on you? Was it a hard scene to film (emotionally and physically)?
It was. The blood was sticky and I had to hold my breath for what seemed like hours. At one point we just sat there and waited for a fly to land on my face for the shot.

Did you have to wear any kind of prosthetics or special makeup for your death scene?
Yes, My arm was on my chest and a prosthetic was over my shoulder so it looked like a bone was sticking out.

Do you wish you were a victim of Jason’s, instead of Vic’s?
No. Jason is my father.

Do you wish you had more screen time in the film?
Odd yes and No I have made other films where I had more screen time.. As a matter of fact my latest film is out on DVD called My Life As A Troll. I think I am in every shot. But lots of people still remember me from the film and tell me how much they liked Joey. So even though I wasn't on the screen too long... I must have done something to make people remember me.

If your character hadn’t been killed off, would you come back to film part 6 if you had been asked?

What is the best memory you have from doing the film? And the worst?
Working with the director on Joey and talking about how the film should end. The producers were even open to my ideas. Worst part was saying good bye to all the people on the film. The crew and other actors

Were there any problems on the set that you recall? If so what were they?
One actress didn't like the way I was playing Joey. She said I think you are playing the role wrong. I was surprised another actor on the set tell me what to do. I was about to tell her to jump in the lake when the Director heard what she said and yelled at her... Don't tell him how to play Joey. He is doing great, worry about your own role. Work on that.

Did you get to keep anything from the set of the film?
I was going to keep the arm but I forgot it.. I may have a Jason Mask.

Are you now, or have you ever been a fan of the Friday The 13th series? If so which one was your favorite, and who is your favorite Jason?
I liked all the Jason films even Jason X. To me Jason is just a stunt man in the suit, Part 5 was my fav

Are you a horror movie fan? If so, what are some of your favorites?
Evil Laugh a film I directed I love horror films but I also like art films and comedies

How did you get along with the rest of the cast? Do you still keep in contact with anyone from the film?
Got along very well with the cast. Really haven't stayed in touch.

Since filming Friday The 13th Part 5, you’ve become a director. How did you get into that, and what are some of your upcoming projects?
I wrote a film called Evil Laugh which may have been the film Scream was based on. I have a film coming out right now called MY LIFE AS A TROLL It is a film dealing with Love and accepting yourself. My Friend.. Corey Feldman from Friday the 13 part 4 and 5 is in it.


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