Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees





Freddy Vs Jason - Heather

Heather (Dream World Victim)
Doesn't she know if you get naked you die? Guess she should have paid attention to grabbing her keys instead of her clothes. Jason impales her to a tree with his machete.

Freddy Vs Jason - Trey

The Dick. Gets laid, drinks his beer, wants his girl to do whatever he says. Snapped in half by the force of Jason folding the bed...with him still in it.

Freddy Vs Jason - Blake's Father

Blake's Father
Don't really know this guy. But he doesn't seem to be the greatest guy on earth. Somehow he is decapitated. Was it Jason? Or was it Freddy?

Freddy Vs Jason - Blake

He just seems like a blubbering idiot. He wakes up to find his father sitting next to him dead, gets freaked out, and Jason is waiting there to comfort him....or rather...kill him.

Freddy Vs Jason - Gibb

Poor girl, boyfriend is murdered, and while she's at a rave sleeping off too much booze she's almost raped. Luckily Jason kills the wouldbe rapist...only she gets impaled by the pipe too.

Freddy Vs Jason - Glowstick Raver

Glowstick Crazy Raver
Probably had way too much Ecstasy in his system to know what one earth is going on. Attempts to hook up with Gibb even though she's passed out. He gets impaled on a pipe.

Freddy Vs Jason - Teammate

Surfer dudes don't hang out in rural areas? Do they? Well this one sure does. Like, dude, my head was just twisted all the way around. Awesome!

Freddy Vs Jason - Shack

Probably couldn't believe anything he was seeing, probably thought it was all the drugs in his system. Thinks he can get away, but is sliced through the chest last minute...

Freddy Vs Jason - Ravers

7+ Ravers<
These people were just trying to have a good time by getting drunk, and hopefully getting laid later, only to all be killed in basically the same method, a machete to the chest/stomach.

Freddy Vs Jason - Mark

Mark (Freddy's Kill)
Poor Mark didn't believe his brother when he started spouting off stuff about Freddy. He would have been better off staying in the asylum. Mark, got...well...marked!

Freddy Vs Jason - Security Guard

Late night duty must be a drag, so of course when there is a little action you gotta check it out. Poor guy was only doing his job, Jason squashes him with a heavy metal door.

Freddy Vs Jason - Deputy Stubbs

Deputy Stubbs
He doesn't appear to be the smartest cop on earth, but at least he's willing to help out a bunch of teenagers and break into an asylum with them. He's electrocuted through Jason.

Freddy Vs Jason - Freeburg

He lived to party and get high and because of this Freddy was able to possess him to try and get to Jason, only Jason slices him in half.

Freddy Vs Jason - Linderman

Accidents happen. The poor dork didn't even die in a cool way, just slowly bled to death still longing to bang Kia. Hey, at least he got a kiss first.

Freddy Vs Jason - Kia

Hides under all that makeup and never got to find out what a great guy Linderman could be. Taunts Freddy, and gets slammed into a tree with a machete by Jason.

Freddy Vs Jason - Freddy

Well, since he isn't immortal in the real world, I'd have to say that even though Jason got thrown around a lot, Freddy died in the real world, only to come back in Jason's dream, and wink.
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