Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees








Jason X - Dr. Wimmer & Guards

Dr. Wimmer and 7 Guards
Thought they could capture Jason and keep him in line. They were all wrong. Their deaths were carried out by bullets, strangulation by chains, and a spear through the gut.

Jason X - Adrienne

Jason was probably pretty pissed off at her for messing around in his eye socket. Not to mention cutting his mask off his face. She got her face frozen in liquid nitrogen and shattered to bits.

Jason X - Stoney

Stoney just wanted a little loving from his girl Kinsa but ended up surprised by Jason when he opened the door. Got a knife through the stomach.

Jason X - Azrael

Poor Azrael, first he gets his arm accidentally chopped off by Jason, then Jason splits him in half Virtual Reality style, then Jason gets him for real and breaks his back.

Jason X - Dallas

Jason lopped off his head in a game of Virtual Reality and then bashed his head against the wall to really kill him!

Jason X - Sven

He was trying to sneak around hoping to sneak up on Jason, only to have been snuck up on and have his neck broken.

Jason X - Condor

Guess he's pretty screwed! Tries to defend everyone on the ship and gets impaled by a gigantic screw. What the hell is that thing for anyway?

Jason X - Kicker

What a horrible way to go. Getting sliced in half, and then dragging yourself by your arms to try to get to safety only to then later bleed to death.

Jason X - Geko

Geko, kinda like Gecko? Wow people have strange names in the future. Well, she thought she was tough enough to go out and hunt with the boys, but Jason sliced her throat.

Jason X - Briggs

She thought she was tough enough to hang with the boys as well, but she gets impaled by some sort of anchor offscreen.

Jason X - Lou

Just minding his own business Jason sneaks up on him and slices him with a machete, multiple times considering globs of him are found all over his station area.

Jason X - Professor Lowe

Professor Lowe
What sane person decides to let a killer have a weapon, his choice of a weapon? Especially when you are stuck in the same room as the killer? Beheaded offscreen.

Jason X - Kinsa

Kinsa (Self Inflected/Accident)
What an idiot. Maybe she should have taken flying lessons. That was their only way out, and the stupid bitch decides to take the little ship, perhaps stranding everyone there!

Jason X - Crutch

Escaped death once, but wasn't so lucky the second time around. Jason sneaks up on him and shows him his handy work before his head is crushed into an electrical unit.

Jason X - Waylander

Waylander (Self Inflected)
He decides he's screwed anyhow, might as well try to take Jason out with him in an effort to save what is left of the crew. To it doesn't really go as planned.

Jason X - Janessa

That's what you get for sleeping with your teacher to get a better grade Missy. She was sucked through a grate and sliced into bits and pieces.

Jason X - Virtual Girls

Virtual Girls
Not sure if you want to count it as a death scene considering they weren't even real! Two naked sluts being bashed together in sleeping bags. What more can I say?

Jason X - Solaris

Solaris (accidental)
Oops! Big accident when the students can't control their ship and crash into Solaris killing everyone aboard the space station.

Jason X - Brodski

Even though he was almost killed once before, he decides to play hero, not once, but twice by jumping onto Jason and making him fly out into space, and burning up along the way.
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