Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees










Jason Goes To Hell - Coroner

Eats Jason's heart and becomes possessed, because he changes into Jason, later when Jason switches bodies, he is killed.

Jason Goes To Hell - Coroner's Assistant

Coroner's Assistant
Jason was pissed at him for making fun of him, so he got an autopsy probe in the back of the neck, and his face pushed through a metal grating.

Jason Goes To Hell - FBI Agents

FBI Agent #1 & FBI Agent #2
They are the tough agents, who are killed off screen by Jason.

Jason Goes To Hell - Alexis

Slashed up with a straight razor, while enjoying her camping trip with Luke and Deb.

Jason Goes To Hell - Deborah

Stabbed through the back with a barbed wire spike and ripped in half, during sex with Luke.

Jason Goes To Hell - Luke

Killed Off screen, was having sex with Deb when she was ripped in half.

Jason Goes To Hell - Edna

Just wanted to have a good time with her man, and instead she got her head slammed in the car door.

Jason Goes To Hell - Josh

Possessed by Jason, shot in head and impaled with poker, later melts away when Jason leaves his body.

Jason Goes To Hell - Diana

The sister of Jason, as well as the mother of Jessica. She tries to warn Steven of their backround, when she has a knife thrown into her back.

Jason Goes To Hell - Robert

Possessed by Jason, later shot in head, run over with car, impaled on a barbecue skewer, and dies when Jason leaves his body.

Jason Goes To Hell - Officer Ryan

Officer Ryan
She was just trying to protect Jessica, and got her head bashed against a locker.

Jason Goes To Hell - Officers Mark & Brian

Officer Mark, and Officer Brian
They seemed like the stupid cops, whose heads were smashed together.

Jason Goes To Hell - Ward

The idiot who would only listen to Joey, and because he listens to her he gets his arm broken, and falls dead through the diner doors.

Jason Goes To Hell - Shelby

Burned to death on a deep-fat fryer and grill, he was Joey's man.

Jason Goes To Hell - Joey

After trying to protect those at the restaurant, Joey gets her face bashed in.

Jason Goes To Hell - Vicki

Impaled on a barbecue skewer, head crushed, trying to be a hero.

Jason Goes To Hell - Randy

A friend of Steven's, he is later possessed by Jason, and later his neck is severed with a machete, and he dies when Jason leaves his body.

Jason Goes To Hell - Duke

Duke was a bounty hunter, looking for Jason, it seems he may have had a few unknown ties with Jason. He was crushed to death by Jason.
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