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Friday The 13th Part 3

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John Carl Buechler (director Part VII) would have continued with the series if he had been asked back. He would have liked to have both Nick and Tina back, and have Tina locked in a mental hospital.

Lar Park Lincoln (Tina Part VII) was asked back but negotiations didn't go the way she and her manager wanted them to go.

Lar Park Lincoln (Tina Part VII) actually wrote a script for Part VIII with her husband. It involved Tina being a psychologist and helping other young people with similar mental issues. She pitched it to Frank Mancuso, but due to a low offer of money and Barbara Sachs looking for a different angle, the script wasn't picked up.

Kevin Spirtas (Nick Part VII) also wrote a script where it ended up that Part VII had been a dream and Nick had really killed Tina off.

Rob Hedden (writer/director) states "No one knows exactly where Crystal Lake is anyway --it's close enough to New York that they'll buy a cruise" which happens to be one of the biggest problems with this film. The lake doesn't, and shouldn't open into the ocean.

Rob Hedden (writer/director) wanted to include scenes of Jason on a rampage through New York. In department stores, broadway plays, and even "crawling" up the statue of liberty and diving off!

Production began Feb. 8th, 1989.

Jensen Daggett had grown up watching the series and was excited when she got the role of Rennie, even if it was not the type of film that she had ever imagined doing.

Renee Estevez, Dee Dee Pfieffer, Pamela Anderson, and Elizabeth Berkley all auditioned for the film.

Rob Hedden (writer/director) named the character of Julius after a drag queen he and his wife had met at a club.

V.C. Dupree (Julius) was surprised that he got the role considering they were looking for a "boxer" type. When he landed the role he was told to bulk up a bit. He didn't know that it was a Friday The 13th film until he ran into Kelly Hu at the airport and she asked if he was going up to film it.

Kelly Hu was friends with Martin Sheen's son, Ramon, and after she got the role they were all out to dinner and Martin lectured her about being in an "evil" movie.

The movie was originally titled Burial At Sea, then Ashes to Ashes.

Because the sauna death was not the original way that the boxer died, they had to refilm it, and did not have Kane Hodder on hand, so another stuntman took over the role of Jason...more then likely it was Ken Kirzinger.

Frank & Barbara had a canadian stuntman (probably Ken) in mind for the role of Jason, but left like final decision up to Rob Hedden.

Rob Hedden really felt that Jenson Daggett (Rennie) needed to get naked, or at least take off her top. He ended up getting her in her bra.

Rob Hedden "convinced and soothed" Sharlene Martin's (Tamara) about her nude scene by showing her how it was done by jumping in the shower naked in front of the crew.

Kelly Hu's screams were dubbed in by another actress. It's probably because she didn't want to scream like everyone else, so instead she grunted and made different types of sounds.

According to Rob Hedden, he wanted the viewers to wonder about Rennie's visions. Were they real? Or just in her head?

Producer Randolph Cheveldave says that Rob Hedden even wanted a scene where Jason is being flushed down this giant toilet in some sort of vision/flashback.

The point of view shot of Julius' head was done by attaching a camera to a nerf ball and dropping it.

The movie went roughly over $1 million in budget and schedule.

Just about everyone on set speaks highly of Rob Hedden.

Scott Reeves' wasn't the original Sean cast. The original guy was fired based on acting abilities as well as chemistry issues with Jenson Daggett. Apparently he was a gay man, and that really came across on the screen so the relationship with Sean and Rennie seemed very unbelievable. They do not discriminate against homosexuals. In fact there have been many actors throughout the series who are gay.

According to Randolph Cheveldave (producer), Rob Hedden wanted to completely melt Jason in the toxic waste but Frank Mancuso Jr. didn't want it ended "just in case". So Rob went with the little boy - "Jason, restored to who he once was before the events in the original film." Like his soul was released. Rob (depending on which interview you read) sometimes claims it was all in Rennie's head, while other times says it was for real.

William Terezakis (effects assistant) was excited to get the job because he was a huge fan of the series. Unfortunately, he wasn't allowed on set and was only brought stuff to make molds of. The entire time he was upset that they were totally changing Jason's look.

Rob Hedden didn't want to show Jason's face at all, since it had been shown in the other films, but he was made to.

One week was spent in New York.

Harry Manfredini did not work on the score. Fred Mollin did the music and he had worked on The Series score. He had also wrote "Darkest Side of the Night"

The movie originally got an X rating.

The toxic waste scene was filmed in an abandoned school's gymnasium.

The tunnels they filmed in were originally made for carrying mail from the train station to the post office.

The final take in at the theater was $14.1 Million.

The films original poster - the I Love NY on (pictured above) was rejected by the ratings board for the blood, so a new bloodless version was created and circulated. Soon the NY City Council and Board of Tourism threatened a lawsuit if they did not change the poster. They did.

In the very end of the film, Jason seems to be throwing up water. Kane Hodder has always had the special talent of being able to throw up on demand. He drank a lot of water.

Timothy Burr Mirkovich played Jason as a child. His father was the editor of the film. Originally someone else was cast for the role, but the makeup proved too much for him.

Visit the photo gallery for Behind The Scene photos


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