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Friday The 13th Part 3

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According to the director, he made the film as though it happened 10 years after Part 6. He also states that in the beginning that Young Tina was around the age of 6, making "older" Tina only 16 years old.

Daryl Haney (scriptwriter) came up with numerous ideas and they were all shot down till he came up with the idea of a girl with telekinetic powers. A "Carrie Vs Jason" type of film. Barbara Sachs (associate producer) liked the idea, but she made an outline to follow, one which included Condos being built at the lake, the town not wanting it and the corporate's not caring that the history of the place was horrible. It took too long for Jason to actually get into the script, and the climax was way too over the top. Frank Mancuso Jr. hated it and told Haney to follow the structure of Part IV.

In the end Daryl Haney was released after he had done many re-writes. In the end he says a lot of the film wasn't even what he had written.

Originally the movie was titled "Birthday Bash" and described the killer as "Ethan, the hockey masked killer" One of the original scripts was actually titled "Jason's Destroyer"

When John Carl Buechler got his foot in the door by doing a lot of FX work, and when he was asked to direct Part VII he thought it was a joke.

Lar Park Lincoln decided to audition because her husband begged her to, and she was actually was rejected many times for the role of Tina. But the director had her change her appearance many times and re-audition until she finally got the role. In fact, she even met with psychics to prepare for her role.

Kerry Noonan (Paula Part VI) went in to audition for the role of Tina. When she realized that it was for Friday Pt. VII she informed them that she had been in the previous film.

Kevin Spirtas had seen the original film in high school and was thrilled when he got the part of Nick.

John Carl Buechler had taken Bill Butler under his wing and taught him the ropes of FX work, eventually getting him acting roles. When Bill found out that Buechler was doing a Friday The 13th film Bill begged John for an audition because he was a huge fan of the series.

Diana Barrows (Maddie) went in to read for the role. Maddie was described as a geeky girl, and was never going to have her makeover scene. Later on they added the scene where Maddie became pretty and Diana's agent was told that they didn't think Diana could be sexy for the role. So when Diana went back for her next audition she dolled herself up.

Susan Blu (Amanda Shepherd) was asked by casting director Anthony Barnao to take on the role. She had already decided to stick with voice overs but she loved horror movies so she took the part.

Heidi Kozak (Sandra) was a little upset with the final draft of the scrip because so much of her character had been cut from the final draft. In face according to Diana Barrows (Maddie) there were many subplots that were filmed and then later cut, even scenes with Maddie and David smoking pot.

Lar Park Lincoln kept her real age and the fact that she was married hidden because she felt that people wouldn't buy into her character if they knew.

Many people on the set claim that Lar Park Lincoln was hard to be around but John Carl Buechler loved her and didn't see any issues.

Lar Park Lincoln and Kevin Spirtas did not get along which made things more difficult on set.

The scene where Jason is hit in the head with the light by Tina was actually supposed to be filmed where Jason would get hit in the chest with the light and tumble down the stairs. But Kane Hodder thought that was a little weak to knock Jason over and suggested the alternate way which they ended up using in the film.

The movie was filmed in Bay Minette, Alabama in the winter. As well as Point Clear, Alabama. And spent 5 1/2 weeks on location.

When Michael and Jane die in the beginning of the film it was raining, which wasn't part of the script, so to keep them from getting wet, a tarp was put over their heads, and no backlights could be used, or it would show the rain.

The ignition of fire was the "first" on film and probably the longest in 1988 to be done while shooting.

Tina's father was originally a skeleton, but Barbara Sachs (associate producer) didn't like it.

Barbara Sachs (associate producer) thought that Jason's makeup made him look like a frog. She also didn't think that Jason should be unmasked so soon and recommended that he not be unmasked until the final scene out on the pier.

The director wanted a scene of young Jason holding his mothers head and crying out "Help me Mommy" instead of the Tina having the vision of her mother dying. But it was deemed "too over the top" and so it wasn't filmed.

When Tina is telling Dr. Crews about the delusion stuck out on the porch, she was supposed to say "13 inch delusion" but it sounded a little perverse, so was taken out. 

Another scene involving the spike sticking in the porch was removed. It showed Dr. Crews removing the spike from the porch. (This sounds familiar, perhaps they showed it on TV?)

A lot of the Jason sound effects "cha cha" was actually the director in a sound studio making the sound.

Harry Manfredini was already working on DeepStar Six and he only works on one movie at a time, so he could not contribute anything new to the film. Instead they used some of his old stuff, and brought in Fred Mollin for other music. In fact, some of the time they even mixed both scores together.

The movie was released on May 13th. It went to the MPAA no less then 9 times and was given an X rating 7 times. It also made $8.2 Million in the first three days, and was the #1 movie.

Because so much was cut from the film Buechler actually went back and added some scenes: when Tina finds the bodies in the woods, the cat jumping out of the closet, and more of Jason walking around in the woods.

A mechanical head was used for the scene when the straps are being tightened on Jason's head.

All the interiors were filmed first in Gardina, LA in a warehouse. Most of the exteriors (in Alabama) and interiors were built for the film. In fact, the scene where Jason is outside the window of the house is actually the same house from Friday The 13th Pt. 4. In fact, both exteriors of the houses, were just shells of houses, there were no insides to them. The houses were built for the film. Mainly so that they could blow it up for the final scene.

There was actually an alligator wrangler on the set of the film. 

The water in the film was more of a stream, or a bayou. Some of the water scenes were filmed in Malibu Canyon Creek in Mobile, AL. And a Scuba school tank was used for underwater scenes.

The tool shed was actually built in the studio.

Bill Butler called Kane Hodder "Stinky Voorhees" because the Jason suit reeked of swamp water.

Jeff Bennett (Eddie) totally improvises when he is opening the birthday presents, he had no idea what was inside the packages.

Additional reshoots were made to Robins death, and was actually filmed inside the house were Friday Part 4 was filmed.

Diana Barrows who plays Maddie was instructed to stand against the wall and act scared, she had no idea what was going to happen, so the fear on her face was real.

Jeff Bennett (Eddie) enjoyed the first two Friday The 13th films, but thought overall that this one was bad, including his own acting.

Daryl Haney (scriptwriter) thought the movie looked horrible and that it was directed badly. He even states that Part V was better directed then Part VII. He's never finished watching Part VII.

Kane Hodder uses a little force when working with the actors but warns them before hand. He says they show a little more fear on screen this way. 

Sandra's death scene used a few different stunt doubles. One for underwater scenes, and another for the scene when she is being pulled out of the water. 

Alan Marcus doubled for Dr. Crews, but also helped Kane get the role of Jason during Kane's screen test, when Kane threw him all over the place.

In the theatrical version Jason kills David with a knife to the stomach . However in the earlier cuts of the film Jason would carry David's head around. The decapitation of David was actually never shot, and these scenes have yet to pop up anywhere.

A dummy of Dr. Crews was filmed being torn to pieces by the weed whacker, it even detailed all the guts flying out of the body. It was cut of course. But the video can be seen in the Multimedia area.

Did you know that John Carl Buechler plays a small roll in the film? He is actually the firefighter at the end who picks up Jason's mask. 

Most of the front yard of the house was actually water with lots of dirt piled on top. 

In a rough cut of a film, there is a scene at the end where there is a fisherman in a little boat, and Jason jumps up and pulls him underwater. You can see a scene of that video clip in the Multimedia area of Camp Blood.

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