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Friday The 13th Part 3

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Frank Mancuso Jr. still wanted to take risks with the series. But Jason had to come back.

It was always Paramount's call to make another. The movies were basically paying for themselves during the opening weekend.

Tom Mcloughlin wanted to do comedy scripts, but horror was what was in demand.

Most of the sets were designed for the film. The cemetery was created in an empty field from scratch. All the tombstones were made out of styrofoam. There are no names on them other then Jason's and that is because it was a real tombstone. Later however, during the chase scene the cemetery is a real one and since it was a historically preserved cemetery they were not allowed to leap over the headstones.

Tom McLoughlin had another deal with Paramount and the movie wasn't made so his agent contacted him and told him he'd be writing and directing the Friday film if he wanted it. The only stipulation was that Jason had to be resurrected.

Pre-Production began January 1986.

Director, Tom McLoughlin was virtually given free rein with the film and was given a private screening room at Paramount to watch the previous films back to back. He decided to disregard Pt. 5.

Frank Mancuso Jr. talked openly with Tom McLoughlin about making a Freddy Vs. Jason film, but New Line Cinema who owned A Nightmare on Elm Street wouldn't go for a half & half deal of Paramount distributing domestically and New Line distributing overseas.

McLoughlin wrote the film during Christmas next to a Christmas tree, and originally gave it the title of "Jason Has Risen" but Paramount found it "distasteful"

McLoughlin decided that if you make annoying characters people want to see them dead, and felt like that had happened a lot in the series so he set out to make the most likable characters as possible so the viewers actually cared if they survived or not.

Thom Mathews felt he was in no position to turn down a lead role. Tom McLoughlin felt that Thom had already done Return of the Living Dead and so had some cult following in the genre.

John Shepherd (Tommy Pt. 5) was sent the script, but he didn't feel appreciated for Pt. 5's work and he felt he was better then that type of material, and so he set his asking price very high. He doesn't regret his choice as it has lead him to bigger and better things.

According to Shavar Ross (Reggie Pt.5) and Melanie Kinnaman (Pam Pt. 5) they were both offered roles to a direct sequel to Pt. 5 where they'd be killed off, but later it ended up not being a direct sequel.

Tom Mathews had only seen Pt. 1 when he took the part and after he got the role he rented Pt. 5 and got a little worried about what he had gotten himself into. But in the end he liked the script and the Director.

The threat of a backlash from unions was too great a risk and they needed to film in a state where children could work extended hours

The movie was filmed mainly in Covington, GA, and began February 6th, 1986.

Instead of using drugs for fun on the set, like what happened on so many previous Friday sets, the cast and crew would play games such as Scrabble, Blowing and Truth or Dare) to pass the time.

When the movie was being filmed the working title was Aladdin Sane.

Jennifer Cooke & David Kagen actually knew each other because Jennifer had been an acting student of his.

Darcy Demoss (Niki) had actually had a bad experience with the Director of Pt. 5 when she auditioned for the role of Tina in that film. But she was brought back in to audition for Pt. 6 and was told to act as though she had never met Frank Mancuso Jr.

Darcy was asked to lose her top during her sex scene, but because it was not written in her contract she said no, and it ended up not being a big deal.

The Director, Tom McLoughlin wanted to film the paintball scene in a burnt down forest, but wasn't allowed to, that is why when the paintballers get decapitated, you can see a black forest in the background. Those trees are actually spray painted. 

The water scenes were filmed in three different locations. The USC pool for the fighting scenes, and the scene where Jason gets his neck/head sliced was actually filmed in the director's parents pool because USC didn't want all the gunk in their pool.

C. J. Graham was actually chained 20Ft below the water surface and had to have safety divers give him air when he needed it. It would have been too much of a hassle to unchain him every time he needed a breath.

In the RV the pictures slamming back and forth was achieved by having strings attached to them and having the crew pull on those strings. The RV scene was actually the last shot of the film, and they only had one shot to do it. Thankfully, even with no "Hollywood" stuntman to do the driving, it was shot perfectly.

The scene where Lizabeth (Nancy) is in the car, and Jason slams the pole into the windshield was a tuffy. They only had one take to do the shot, and during that take Nancy was almost hit, because instead of hitting the drivers side CJ kept following Nancy with the spear.

The mud puddle that Lizabeth (Nancy) fell into was actually heated water, you can actually see the steam. And yes, she was really held underwater. Originally she was supposed to use a regulator to help her breathe, but it got clogged and so she ended up having to just hold her breath for the scene.

The Sheriff's office was actually a shopping center, while the next door post office was used for the police station exterior.

Cort who is played by Tom Fridley is actually John Travolta's nephew.

The scene where Cort is talking to the kids was actually improvised. And the kids in the film were actually local kids from the area.

The child Nancy was named after the director's wife.

After the first screening Frank Mancuso Jr. told McLoughlin that he had two more days to add more deaths. McLoughlin wasn't too pleased as he really wanted 13 kills. So they went to Griffith Park in LA and filmed the death of the caretaker, the couple, and added more of Sissy's death, since originally it was not shown on screen. In total there ended up being 9 different screenings.

Originally Stuntman Dan Bradley got the role of Jason. He did the first day or two of filming - according to Director Tom McLoughlin all the daylight scenes. - Frank Mancuso Jr. didn't think Bradley looked right and he was pulled from the movie, but his scenes left in.

C.J. Graham ran a nightclub and a hypnotist named Jack Laughlin brought in the crew from Friday The 13th Pt. 4 for special effects to promote his show. Under hypnosis the people were to believe that Jason was coming through the screen and scares them. CJ was asked to play Jason for the show. Marty Becker the effects coordinator for Pt. 6 saw the show and recommended CJ for the role of Jason. Frank Mancuso was hesitant because CJ really had no experience, other then being a Marine. He didn't end up with the role, but was called back later to replace Dan Bradley.

CJ was nice enough to lend his mobile home to some of the crew members so they could sleep in it while he was on set.

The director's wife was in the film. She played Lizabeth. He really wanted her to have a roll as one of the teens but he knew that audiences would know she wasn't a teenager, so he made her head counselor instead.

Hawes was named after the Director's best friend, Mike Hawes. 

When you see Jason's coffin being opened by a pair of hands, those are actually the hands of the director. 

Lightening scene is actually a tribute to Frankenstein.

The opening is a tribute to James Bond because McLoughlin believed that Jason was the Bond of horror movies. 

Karloff's store named after Boris Karloff.

Mike Nolen is a stunt double for Thom Mathews (Tommy) during the fire scene.

Deputy Rick Cologne (Vincent Guastaferro) actually improvised a lot of his dialogue. 

Vincent Guastaferro's wife is actually in the film as well. She plays the role of the woman on the back of the bike who is killed.

Don Burns (Producer) also worked on the film Halloween.

It is unknown if Alice Cooper was commissioned to perform three songs for the soundtrack of the film. However, it is known that he was asked to perform He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask), which by the way you can download a good quality version of the music video, staring Jason and Alice in the downloads area. Teenaged Frankenstein and Hard Rock Summer also appear in the film but were not on any album until recently. 

At the end of the original script, Jason's father Elias was introduced by going to the cemetery where Pamela Voorhees was buried, but Frank Mancuso Jr. nixed it. The scene is in the novel however. Be sure to check out the novel section of the website, where you can read this scene from the book.

Pt. 6 was the first in the series that failed to capture the #1 spot in the 1st three days.

C.J. Graham was working at a restaurant and couldn't get off for the cast and crew screening, so they all went to the restaurant after.

Tom McLoughlin was sent the script to "Scary Movie", later retitled Scream. But he turned it down.

Visit the photo gallery for Behind The Scene photos


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