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Friday The 13th Part 3

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Joe Zito (Director of Pt. 4) wanted to end the Jason series, but thought he should leave a bit of an open end, thus the look on Tommy's face at the end. In hopes that maybe it could continue with a 5, 6, 7. But it didn't work out that way. He also didn't tell the studio about his idea.

The rain in the film was actually a sprinkler. The LA fire department had to come and help with the rain.

Frank Mancuso Jr. was eager to move on after The Final Chapter, so when this project came along he took a more "hands off" approach and took on the role of Executive Producer.

Tim Silver (Producer) was originally hired as production manager.

Dominick Brascia (Joey) almost didn't get the role. He wanted to play the role different then how it was portrayed in the script. Not as "slow". When Dominick told Danny Steinmann (Director) he agreed with Dominick and so he got the role.

The director saw Debisue Voorhees after the producer had already cast someone for the role. It was said that Debisue was the only actress that could sound and act flirtatious when saying "Fuck You" instead of sounding angry.

Jerry Pavlon (Jake) scares very easily and doesn't like horror movies. In fact, he doesn't think he's even seen a Friday The 13th film in its entirety. Plus, his sister was a feminist scholar.

Bob Desimone (Billy) got the part by meeting Danny Steinmann through his director brother.

Carol Loctell's (Ethel) agent called her and told her she and an audition for "Repetition" but it was really a Friday flick. Carol wasn't crazy about the genre but after reading the script she thought it was hilarious and she'd have fun with the character. She also adlibbed a lot of her own lines.

Dick Wieand (Roy) had issues on the set. He says nobody was friendly to him and eventually they even stopped picking him up for scenes.

Carol Loctell (Ethel) said the budget was so tight she ended up rubbing dirt all over herself because she thought her character was too clean. She also used her own wig, given to her by Burt Reynolds and the makeup person said they needed to keep it in case of re-shoots. She never got it back.

According to Bob Desimone (Billy) lots of people were doing cocaine.

John Shepherd (Tommy) decided he wanted to be the best Tommy and so volunteered at Camarillo State Hospital for a couple months before shooting. He would also visit Creature shops and comic book places and write backstories for his character. He also decided to stay in character and not speak with the cast members until spoken to.

At one point Dominick Brascia (Joey) got annoyed with John Shepherd doing "method" acting and Debisue stuck up for John.

Darcy Demoss (Nikki from Pt. 6) was originally cast for the role of Tina and when she was asked by Danny Steinmann to show him her breasts she said it was unprofessional and her agent never told her about it. Later on he asked her to dinner, later she found she didn't have the role any longer. She claims he's very unprofessional.

The song "ooh, baby" was written by Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. (Demon) it wasn't in the script.

Tom Morga would playfully stalk Tiffany Helm & Juliette Cummins.

During the scene where Melanie Kinnaman is running and falls in the mud, that was a mistake but they chose to leave it in.

Five years have passed since The Final Chapter.

Principal photography began in early September 1984 in Camarillo California in Thousand Oaks at a farmhouse. The hospital scenes were filmed in a hospital that was closed down.

The film was given the title "Repetition" to maintain secrecy and avoid unions. The cast was not told it was a Friday The 13th film until they were already hired.

Joey's death was much more graphic. They originally had a wide shot of Vic with the ax, coming towards the camera then the ax bursting through Joey's back and blood spurting all over.

Mark Venturini (Vic) died of Cancer at age 36.

Shavar Ross' parents didn't mind that he was going to be in a horror film. But asked that his curses be removed.

Tiffany Helm used a lot of her own clothing and her hair was already done before she even got the role.

John Shepherd always got "boy next door" roles and decided he needed to go against that type. He jogged around awaiting his audition and came in sweating and didn't speak. When he eventually found out that he got the role in a Friday The 13th film, he was disappointed as he had always sworn that he would never do a horror movie. He was working as a counselor at a church for kids and was worried about what the parents would think, he ended up doing the role because in the end evil got what was coming to him.

According to John Shepherd in the original ending Tommy puts on the mask, and becomes possessed, to become the killer in the next flick. So his friend Mike Hitchcock and him came up with the extra ending with the shattered glass.

There was also another ending. When Melanie comes in, John just walks through the broken window and into the rain.

According to Danny Steinmann, the finished film is only 10% of what he shot.

Corey Feldman's opening scene was actually filmed in the backyard of one of Corey's neighbors. There was no one there playing Jason, in fact nothing was going on other then a little rain effect. They told him how to act, that Jason was coming towards him, and how to react. They later edited the two pieces together.

Corey Feldman would love to come back and play the Tommy Jarvis roll, but he would like the film to act as though Part 6 on never happened. 

Corey Feldman was actually asked to come back and play Tommy Jarvis again, but he declined because he was busy filming The Goonies. He did however come back to film the opening sequence.

Many believe that Jake's death scene was not included in the final film because of the MPAA, however it was really cut from the film because the latex head looked fake.

Many also believe that Dick Wieand actually played the role of Jason (under the mask that is), however it was actually Tom Morga (pictured above) who played Jason under the mask. Dick Wieand only was in the Jason costume for the last scene (where Roy is killed) and some of that scene is also a dummy (also pictured above)

Junior's death scene was originally supposed to be included in the film, but it was cut for being too graphic.

Visit the photo gallery for Behind The Scene photos


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