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Friday The 13th Part 3

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Corey Feldman was a huge fan of Halloween. By the time he was able to see Friday the 13th Pt. 3 wanted to be in one. He was soon asked to audition, but Joe Zito was a little concerned with how small Corey was, and that he wouldn't be able to lift the machete. But Corey was picked and he really enjoyed the whole experience. It is also said however that Corey was actually a fan of the Halloween series and actually thought he was being hired for a film in that series.

Frank Mancuso Jr. was really sick of the series and wanted this to be the final one, thus the title "The Final Chapter"

Peter Barton (Doug) starred in "The Powers of Matthew Starr" with Amy Steel. He didn't want to be in Friday The 13th, but only did it because Amy talked to him about it and he thought it really was the final chapter.

Camilla More (Tina) went out for the role of Sam. Once they knew she had a twin they were excited. She and her sister were actually Doublemint Gum Twins.

Kimberly Beck (Trish) has never seen a Friday film and says she still won't. "They are C-movies" as of 2005 she still hasn't seen one. She had just divorced and felt like she needed to do the movie even though she didn't like or respect it. (In 2009, she took part in the Deluxe Edition DVD of Part 4)

The first day of shooting was Halloween 1983.

Kimberly Beck (Trish) & Erich (Rob) took Corey Feldman trick-or-treating.

Kimberly Beck (Trish) moved to Australia at age 12 and wrote & recorded a song there. It was #1 for 26 weeks.

Judie Aronson and her agent didn't realize the nudity in the script till she already got the part. They bargained to show no full frontal nudity. Only from the waist up.

Barbara Howard got a body double. When they offered her a part she said she wouldn't do nudity. They eventually called back saying she needed to do nudity but she could have a body double.

Peter Barton was excited to do the nude scenes with Barbara because he was attracted to her. But he ended up with her body double.

The scene with Lawrence Monoson and Crispin Glover in the back of the car. The "dead fuck" scene was "written" by them and improvised a lot of it.

Barney Cohen says the "dead fuck" scene was forced upon him and he didn't want to write it.

Greg Cannom was originally hired for FX. But Joe Zito wanted Savini. Greg wanted to redefine Jason in a completely different way that wasn't related to the first film.

Ted White doubled John Wayne for 40 years and Clark Gable. "If it wasn't for the money I never would have done the show"

The movie was on hold for six weeks. Ted White originally said no to the role, but finally "greed" took over and he took the role.

Ted kept his makeup on even when the cameras weren't rolling to create "mystique"

According to Ted White, Joe Zito treated the cast like dirt. Peter Barton agrees in that Zito wasn't very caring.

According to Zito, Ted was embarrassed by the Jason makeup which made him drool.

Judie Aronson claims that Ted came to her rescue. When filming her death scene, in the nude, in the cold water she wanted to get out. Ted claims the same. Zito on the other hand says that Ted really was the one who wanted out. Judie says she was so bad off she should have gone to the hospital.

Joe Zito had been told that this was going to be the LAST of Jason and to kill him off. 

Joe Zito also really wanted Corey Feldman to shave his head, but of course he did not. He actually wore a bald cap. Corey's guardians were worried because TV pilot season was coming and he wouldn't be able to get rolls if he was bald.

During the scene where Jason jumps through the window and grabs Tommy, the stuntman was actually late. The actors are supposed to count out beats so they know when things are going to happen. However, he was late in jumping through the window and actually did scare the crap out of the actors portraying Tommy and Trish. 

Crispin Glover was told to dance, and he made up the funny dance that he does in the movie. It was also said at a convention, that he was actually dancing to the song Back In Black by AC-DC. Due to large fees for using the song they dubbed in the song that is now used.

Joan Freeman never saw any other Friday flick. Her death scene was shot but didn't end up in the film. She is discovered in the bathtub by Trish. Another scene was filmed for a different ending, where she raises up out of the tub at Trish like she isn't really dead, like a dream sequence. Zito didn't include it because he felt it was obvious the mom was dead. She had on white contact lenses as if a zombie.

The original script was supposed to have Tommy Jarvis split Jason's head open with the machete, but Tom Savini wasn't overjoyed by that ending. Tom got the idea of having the machete slice into Jason's head, then fall to the floor and have the machete slide in some more.

There is an uncut version of this film floating around on the internet, in fact you can see video clips from this version in the Multimedia section of Camp Blood. Sometimes when this movie airs on T.V. it happens to include scenes from the uncut version. The DVD box set (From Crystal Lake to Manhattan) includes some of the uncut footage, the 2009 Deluxe Edition includes more deleted scenes, as well as an alternate ending. There are two scenes that are on Camp Blood that are not on any DVD.

Since Tom Savini worked on the original film, his creation of Jason in this film, was a 40 year old version of the Original Jason. Tom had worked with Joe Zito before, and Joe knew Tom had done the work on the original film, even though there was already a makeup crew on board. The crew had already made up some of the contraptions that were going to be used on the film, and had already started working on Jason's look, basing it off the original concept Tom had created, but aging it.

The day that Corey Feldman had to film the ending sequence, he had a fever of 102 degrees, and the bald cap was mainly to blame for it.

Visit the photo gallery for Behind The Scene photos


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