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Friday The 13th Part 3

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Steve Miner had an idea for Pt. 3 to continue with Ginny and have her be in a mental institution and take a psychological approach. But they didn't know that the fans would like it, so they decided to go with the same formula of the other films.

Paramount said that if the 3D effects looked "stupid" they would refuse to release the movie to theaters.

Ron Kurtz was approached to write the script but he turned it down.

The novelization of the film, by Michael Avallone was written in one week.

A lot of the cast members had the same Agent so knew each other somewhat.

Paul Kratka's (Rick) & David Katims' (Chuck) agent was Tracie Savage's mother, Judy Savage.

Richard Brooker (Jason) was a trapeze artist. He answered an ad in Dramalogue for the movie.

The overall budget was $4 Million.

Production stopped for one day when the house that was being used was infested with bees.

According to Steve Susskind (Harold), his death scene was filmed with a real metal cleaver, on the first take the blood didn't come out like it was supposed to.

The 3-D effects were achieved using the ArriVision, the same used for Amityville 3-D and Jaws 3-D.

Steve Susskind died in a car accident in January 2005.

Tracie Savage was once called to testify in the OJ Simpson trial (his first one!).

Petru Popescu is uncredited as a writer.

Catherine Parks (Vera) was runner-up in the 1977 Miss America Pageant.

The barn & house were both built for the film. The barn still stands but a fire destroyed the house in 2006.

The lake was also built, and because there wasn't much room for a big lake, they made a small one and shot from different perspectives.

Paul Kratka actually went in to read for the part of Andy, but was told he was just right for the lead role, and would he come back for another audition when the director was there. He was told a bit about the character, how he lived in the mountain area, and was a country guy. So for the next audition Paul wore jeans and carried in 8x4's and a saw. He got the role of Derek and the character was later renamed to Rick. He had to do screen testing's in the search for the main character Chris.

Amy Steel was asked back, but for whatever reason she didn't do it.

Stan Winston did Jason's makeup and is uncredited.

They intentionally left it to the viewers mind if Jason raped Chris during her flashback scene.

Dana Kimmell comments that she was made aware of an interview that she supposedly gave Fangoria how she demanded all these changes. She doesn't recall giving the magazine an interview. She does say there was a line about Chris and Rick having sex she didn't want to talk about and spoke to Steve Miner about it and he said "do whatever". She knew the series had a lot of young viewers and didn't want to promote sex.

The film was plagued by problem after problem. On top of all these different issues with the 3D effects they had to do many reshoots to prefect the 3D effects and it really wore down the cast and crew. There were also issues with the crew and because they weren't part of a union it would have been harder to fire them then to find replacements.

The movie was filmed in 12 weeks.

There were actually three different endings for the film, at least from what I've heard. One idea was of course the one which was used, where Chris falls asleep in the canoe and dreams the Mrs. Voorhees comes up from the water. The other idea was to have Ali live, and they leave with the cop together. But this photo is from the last idea. The idea where Chris dreams that Jason comes into the cabin and cuts her head off. As far as I know, this scene does not exist on film, only in photographs and of course the script.

Visit the photo gallery for Behind The Scene photos


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