Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees

Friday The 13th Part 1

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Most of the crew from the first film returned. In fact by September 1980, just a few months after the release of the first film, this film was already in progress in Kent, CT.

The first scene in the film, where we see Jason's legs was actually played by a woman. Ellen Lutter, the films costume designer.

Adrienne King said she never saw a script for Pt. 2. She says she did request them to leave it open for her to return at a later date to do more movies, which of course they didn't do.

Carl Fullerton only had six weeks to plan and create all the FX on the film, and basically one day to plan and create Jason.

Warrington Gillette wasn't the only person who played Jason. In fact it isn't totally clear if he was fired, quit, or was forced out. It seems as though he and the stunt coordinator may have gotten into it about the stunt work. Either way Steve Daskawicz also played the roll of Jason. It was a seven week shoot, and he was hired after the first two weeks. Gillette's agent wouldn't let them release him from the Jason credit so Daskawicz was left with the credit of Jason Stunt Double.

Laurie-Marie Tayler had a prank pulled on her. Stu, Tom and a few others came along with a mask and scratched at her cabin screen - when she saw it she fainted.

The film was released May 1st, 1981.

During the scene where Jason is chasing Ginny and she jumps out of the woods. Steve Daskawicz ended up falling on the pickax and breaking his ribs. Another time he was knocked out, and another time Amy Steel actually cut his finger while shooting the ending scene where she fights him with the machete. He ended up going to the hospital, getting stitches, and returning to work.

What happened to Paul? The movie was supposed to end in that fashion. When Ginny was asking where Paul was after she is rescued it was supposed to flash to Mrs. Voorhees' head where the head began to smile as if to say that Paul was dead.

When a sequel was being talked about to Friday The 13th, they actually talked about the possibility that the theme would revolve around different things on Friday The 13th, or the Jason theme.

Warrington Gillette's agent told him he had a part for a Camp Counselor for him (Paul), and he auditioned but didn't get the part. However, they liked him, and knew he had gone to stunt school, so they asked him to be Jason. 

Amy Steel went to a sound stage to record her scream so they could edit it into the final cut of the film. 

Amy Steel really hated the filming the final scene in the film, the one where Jason jumps through the window and grabs her. In fact, her reaction on screen was her real reaction.

Walt Gorney who played Crazy Ralph, was seen many times walking around the set talking to himself. Its possible he did this just to get more into character.

In the scene when Jason crashes into the window and grabs Ginny, the actor, Warrington Gillette was actually hurt. He tried to break into the window, only it didn't break, and he ended up banging his head really hard on the glass.

Tom Savini was asked to work on the film, but declined because he was already working on a film (The Burning). 

Visit the photo gallery for Behind The Scene photos


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