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Friday The 13th Part 1

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Sean Cunningham wanted to make a movie by the title of Friday The 13th, he didn't know what the movie would be about, and didn't even know if he was able to use the name, so to test out the water on the name, he took out an ad and nobody came forward to say they couldn't use the name. In fact, he ended up getting enough interest in the ad that he made enough money to produce the film, but he didn't have a script.

One script had Jack's body being discovered when Steve Christy's body was found hanging.

Victor Miller did not originally have the "Jason attacks Alice" in the script. Sean Cunningham said they needed more of an unexpected scare. Ron Kurtz says he wrote that ending.

Ron Kurtz also says that he came up with the idea of Jason being "retarded" but Tom Savini doesn't recall it being in the script and thinks maybe he came up with the idea.

According to Mark Nelson (Ned), Ari Lehman plays the killer in the scene where the back of the killer is seen walking into the cabin, and Ned follows in behind the killer.

The song playing in the Diner in the beginning and again while Steve Christy is there is "Sail Away Tiny Sparrow" written by Harry Manfredini for the film. It is also used again for the ending with Alice in the boat.

Robbi Morgan (Annie), never met Betsy Palmer during filming. In fact, she only met Rex Everhart (Enos) once, during the scene where they meet Ralph. In the scene where Annie and Enos are in the truck, Robbi was actually in there with the cameraman, not Rex.

According to Steve Miner, Taso Stavrakis wasn't the only person to play the killer's hands, feet, torso.

Jack and Marcie's sex scene was filmed with a small amount of crew on set so the actors would be more comfortable.

Marcie's death scene was supposed to be different, but the mold of her head wasn't working.

Willie Adams (Barry) and Debra S. Hayes (Claudette) were actually dating during filming.

In the original "Final Draft" of the script, the entire opening sequence was different. Because of the cold weather they had to make changes. Barry and Claudette were supposed to be walking around the lake being stalked by the killer. There was supposed to be a big chase around the boathouse and lake, as well as other places. The first time they tried to shoot it, it snowed. The 2nd time the generator died, but since the barn had its own power source they had to shoot there.

Barry & Claudette also had different death scenes. She was killed first with a machete while Barry watched. Then he was to struggle with the killer for the machete, and the killers pinky finger was to be cut off.

Even though it doesn't sound like her, Betsy Palmer did actually do the child voice heard when Brenda goes to investigate.

According to Harry Crosby the song he played on guitar was actually something he wrote.

Harry Crosby was on The Today Show, to talk about the events of Sept. 11th, 2001

Alice gets her raincoat stuck on the oven door near the end of the film. That was actually a mistake, but since the scene was filmed perfectly, it wasn't needed to be reshot and Adrienne had to finish the rest of the scenes without a raincoat on.

Adrienne King was plagued by a stalker after the filming of the movie. It eventually got to the point where a gun was held to her head.

Tom Savini actually cut off Mrs. Voorhees' head at the end of the film. His friend Taso. Stavrakis, who also worked on the film as FX assistant, wore a foam head on his back, and the head was secured with toothpicks. This way, when the machete hit, the head would come off easily.

Betsy Palmer's car had broken down and a new one would have cost her just under $10, 000. Her agent called her to offer her the role, the only drawback was that it was a horror movie. When Betsy got the script she thought it was a piece of crap and didn't think anyone would ever see the movie. She was offered $1,000 a day for 10 days of work. Just enough to get that new car.

Adrienne King wasn't allowed to see the way that Harry Crosby's "death" makeup looked. So when you see and hear her scream on film, its because it was the first time she saw him looking like that, and it did actually freak her out.

The movie opened #1 for the weekend. 

On the set of this film, Noel Cunningham, Sean Cunningham's son, met Adam Marcus, who was on the set to fetch things for Sean. Years later Adam Marcus directed Jason Goes To Hell.

In the scene where Brenda is thrown through the window, you'd think it was the actress who played Brenda all through the film, right? Well if you thought that you're wrong. It was actually Tom Savini dressed up as Brenda.

While filming Jack's (Kevin Bacon), death scene, the tubing which shot the blood out, was under the bed, and it came detached. Taso Stavrakis, Savini's assistant, who was under the bed took the tube in his mouth and blew.

The scene with Jason popping out of the water was just a joke, the producer's never planned on any sequel, or any series based on Jason. Tom Savini says he actually came up with the idea after recently seeing Carrie.

The film makers really tried to get Sally Field to play Alice, but once they realized they couldn't they went with Adrienne King. 

It took three months, to film the scene where Alice gets pulled into the water by Jason, it seems things always went wrong during shooting that scene. 

The sound so many people think they hear "Ch Ch Ch", is actually "Ki ki ki, ma ma ma", Harry Manfredini created it after he knew of the scene where Mrs. Voorhees is saying "Kill her Mommy" and it is actually his voice echoed that makes the sound.

Harry Manfredini had worked on two other films with Sean Cunningham before Friday the 13th.

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