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Jason X

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Jason X was originally supposed to be Freddy Vs. Jason but no scripts were good enough - and there were many!

Todd Farmer (writer) knew Dean Lorey through a college friend and Dean pretty much took him under his wing. He introduced him to Sean Cunningham.

Jim Isaac, Noel Cunningham, and Todd Farmer sat around thinking of all sorts of ideas for a new Friday sequel: Jason Underwater, in show, in space, yadda yadda. Jime liked the idea of kids getting snowed in while skiing at Crysal Lake but the others didn't like it. Instead they thought there were so many unique things they could do in space.

Eventually others were brought in to do last minute rewrites and Todd Farmer believes all the greatness to the first script or two was thrown out the window with each rewrite.

Jim Isaac had written a rather "funny" scene for finding Jason. A few of the kids find a condom and decide to "test it out" thus breaking the floor, and falling into the room where they discover Jason. But Cunningham didn't like it, and Jim didn't press the issue.

Chuck Campbell (Tsunaron), wasn't really interested in the film but he went in anyhow.

A month before shooting began, rehearsals began and were taped for Jim Isaac to watch.

There was originally another male character in the script - a love interest for Rowan - and an actor was hired to play the role, but due to script changes there was no longer a need for the actor.

Even during shooting, new pages were being written for the movie, which made matters worse.

When Kane Hodder first read the script, he thought it was the best Friday script yet. Later on he has said that Part VII was by far his favorite.

Kane Hodder once played a joke on the set to a bunch of children. Jim Isaac brought his son and his son's friends to the set and at one point Kane stood among a bunch of Jason dummy's and scared them.

Jim Isaac and Noel Cunningham wanted a fresh new score and a new composer but Sean Cunningham wanted Harry Manfredini.

Jason X was eventually left on the shelf for over two years. When Michael De Luca left New Line, no one else really went to bat for the movie to be released.

Final gross was $13.1 Million. But to be fair, it sat on the shelf for two years and had been leaked to the internet. When it was finally released it went up against Spider-Man.

Visit the photo gallery for Behind The Scene photos


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