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Friday The 13th Part 3

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Sean Cunningham approached the money backers to the original film & Phil Scuderi to get the rights back to the series, so he could go to New Line and finally create Freddy Vs. Jason.

Because Frank Mancuso Jr. had and exclusive agreement with Paramount he couldn't work for another studio, but was finished with the series anyway.

Before plans for a Freddy Vs. Jason film could take off, Wes Craven had decided to resurrect Freddy for A New Nightmare, and Sean Cunningham had originally come back to do Freddy Vs. Jason, so while awaiting it decided to move forward with another sequel to the series.

Noel Cunningham was laid up with a broken leg after a motorcycle accident and became assistant editor. He also happened to be good friends with Adam Marcus (director) and Adam Marcus was friends with Dean Lorey (scriptwriter).

Originally Adam Marcus was told to completely ignore the events from Jason Takes Manhattan and his original treatment picked up from the ending of Part VII. It consisted of a mad scientist type of guy bringing Jason's body up from Crystal Lake and taking him to his lab where he then does an autopsy. The guy, Elias, ends up being Jason's brother, and eats his heart, thus gaining Jason's power.

Effects supervisor Howard Berger even states that an earlier script had a scene of Jason and his mother having sex.

John D. Lemay auditioned for the roll in Once Bitten, but that role went to Jim Carrey.

Kari Keegan (Jessica) originally went in because someone else canceled. She read for the part of Vicki and was later asked back. While there they asked her to read for the role of Jessica and she was later told she got the role of Jessica instead.

Sean Cunningham really wanted Erin Gray for the role of Diana Kimble, even though she didn't like horror movies. He told her it was going to be more of a comedy.

Rusty Schwimmer (Joey) really wanted to do a horror movie and a soap opera. Her agent told her they were casting for a man's roll but she'd be perfect. So she went in and did a goofy audition, they loved her. They ended up bringing Leslie Jordan (Shelby) in to read with her. Right from the beginning they hit it off. So they reversed the roles around a bit.

Richard Gant (coroner) originally read for the role of Duke.

Steven Williams (Duke) said he'd take the role if he could have Duke dress as a cowboy. They did try to get him to change costumes, but obviously it didn't work.

Tony Todd auditioned for the role of Duke.

The heart that the coroner eats was Gelatin and filled with grape jelly.

On the first day of shooting Kari Keegan dropped a flashlight on her foot, breaking a toe. She had to film the scene where Robert attacks her in the garage. She was supposed to run away from him, but John D. Lemay said he'd carry her off.

Adam Marcus claims Cunningham really didn't want the mask in the film, but Sean says otherwise.

The fryer that Shelby dies in was filled with bubbling Root Beer.

Radio personalities Mark & Brian were cast in the movie after Adam Marcus heard Brian on air saying that he wanted to be in one of the films. Adam called them up and wrote a role for them. They even did a live show while getting their life casts done.

Kane Hodder scared Julie Michaels (Agent Marcus) one night to get her more motivated for her scene.

There were issues with Kari Keegan doing the nude scene where she is in the shower crying. She was offered a body double but didn't take it. Instead she showed up that day wearing flesh colored items so they couldn't get anything on film by accident.

Tensions rose over the nudity issue as well as an issue with Kari getting her neck sprained. In the end Sean Cunningham had to come in and direct the last few days of filming.

In the original cut Diana and the Sheriff were engaged, and Jessica and Robert were never a couple.

They added the scenes with the campers after the first screening.

By the end of its run in theaters it only made $15.9 million, yet was still the highest grossing horror film of the year.

A few alternate titles were; The Black Heart of Jason Voorhees and The Nine Lives of Jason Voorhees.

Visit the photo gallery for Behind The Scene photos


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