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Toxic Horror #1The One, The Only, Jason
Toxic Horror #1
By Brick Thornshaw

I've said it before, but it's as true as it ever was; Jason is just a kid that never grew up, a rambunctious type that appeals to the kid in all of us.  Who among us hasn't wished that he could be as free as Jason, living in the woods, fending for himself, and now and then slicing up a few campers, just for the heck of it? It's this image of wildness and freedom that gives Jason his universal appeal.

Of course, there's a sexual element to Jason as well, which isn't removed from Michael's own hang-ups. Let's face it --- Michael and Jason's knives are not just knives. What enriches the psychological angle in Jason's case is the close relationship he had with his mom, as established in the first two "Parts." Jason was clearly close with his mother, maybe a bit too close.

Meanwhile, where was Mr. Voorhees? Could Jason's mom have had a regrettable sexual indiscretion that led to Jason's birth and her abandonment? Could she have then developed a sexual loathing that she transferred to her closely guarded son? In this light, the have-sex-and-die theme of the Friday saga takes on a whole new perspective. If, indeed, Jason identifies every copulating coed with the sexual indiscretion of his mom, then Jason, by killing said coed, is psychologically preventing his own birth! Ya gotta love an anti-hero as tortured as this! (Bone up on some Freud if you don't get my drift)







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